Masks of Elemental Air – by Hercules Invictus

Although the Hellenic influences of my childhood were not in the forefront of my training and education as a deep-trance medium for ‘the Work’, which was focused primarily on the here and now, my affinity for the Xotika: Devas, Nature Spirits and Elementals, was highly valued and I was soon considered an expert on such matters by those in our circle.

What I didn’t glean from direct personal experience, or mysteriously know, was recalled from Lemnian folklore, my school studies, and my own voracious reading. Theosophy, both ancient and modern, provided me with time-tested and functional ways of structuring my expanding insights into such matters.

At one point, a powerful anomalous experience in Tenafly inspired the idea for writing a book on my numerous experiences with folkloric and metaphysical entities.

During a severe snowstorm in the mid-late 1970s, on my way home from a channeling session, I found myself in a mythic Hyperborean wonderland where I learned a great deal about the primal forces of Winter. These intelligences included various types of sylphs, collectors of the traumatized dead, and giants. There were different types of giants, some brutish and elemental, others much more refined. I was informed that some of the latter type had once been considered gods by the people in the frozen north.

My narrator and guide eventually revealed himself to be a blue sky god, a highly evolved spirit of the air. He freed me from the altered state I had somehow gotten stuck in, and extracted a promise from me that, when I was ready, I would share the tale of our encounter and perhaps work with him on a project of mutual interest.

When I found myself back in my body and covered with snow, I realized that this being had also protected me from the freezing cold and probably saved my life as well. I was extremely grateful. I did not know exactly who he was, though over the years I made many educated guesses.

I eventually found a potential publisher. And I called the tale of this encounter Winter Wonderland.

One day my editor suggested I check out a boulder in the woods off East Clinton Avenue as several psychics he knew had detected a strange anomaly. Of course I went forthwith and discovered a force that generated distraction, confusion and misdirection. It took a while to navigate through this. Once on the other side I was granted a vision of Phoenicians here in Tenafly. There was a scroll in a tube and other treasures buried in the woods. These were protected by powerful spells and a metaphysical Guardian construct. I then saw bulldozers, superimposed on the scene, disturbing the ground, breaking the spells and releasing the Guardian.

Telepathically I expressed a desire to help preserve what was lost. The Phoenician in the vision then seemed aware of me and granted his assent.

I could not locate the treasures while I lived in Tenafly. For a variety of personal reasons, I scrapped the book project and moved to New York City. The bulldozers did eventually come, shortly thereafter, and I presumed the Phoenician artifacts forever lost. As part of me believed that the vision may have been symbolic, I sought the treasures elsewhere.

Throughout the years I continued to periodically study the Phoenicians. Ancient Thebes, which honored Hercules highly, was founded by Cadmus, a Phoenician. Cadmus honored the Athena of his homeland and introduced many innovations, including his native alphabet. Herodotus spoke of the Tyrian Hercules, who preceded the Greek Hercules by at least several generations (if not much longer).

A greater understanding had been growing consciously over the years and in 2016, when my focus on the Hercules of Tyre had greatly increased, it all clicked together. The blue sky god in my experience was indeed the Tyrian Hercules. This was a guess I had revisited once every decade or so, but had always discarded as it didn’t quite connect. Now, especially after my immersion into the I AM Activity, where Hercules is honored as a blue sky god, and my exposure to a document from the dusk of antiquity, all the connections are now there.

I could now fulfill my promise to a more ancient aspect of Hercules and assist in his modern-day Olympian mission. Herodotus, as Spirit Guide, entered my sphere when I was studying the Unariun texts on Atlantis. He has informed me that he will assist in my recovering what was lost, allowing me to fulfill my promise to an ancient Phoenician sorcerer-priest. The Phoenicians honored Hercules, established a presence in the Americas, and contributed much to the Atlantis myth. And then there are those Gates of Gaia (aka Tenafly Time Portals)!

The giants had also re-entered my life as part of my inner workings with the Mark-Age. And recently I launched a new series of Mythic Reviews exploring their mythos and mystery… starting with their presence in the Americas.

Nearing sixty, what can I say? I accept this Call to Adventure. I am finally ready for it and my answer is definitely YES! Now, if you don’t mind, let us begin, I’m not getting any younger you know!


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I am Hercules Invictus. My Olympian Mission is to promote life-long personal development, human empowerment, out-of-the box thinking, creative self-expression and a dedication of one's unique talents to community service. All of my Labors in this lifetime celebrate the Hero's Journey in myth, legend, spirituality, popular culture and in daily life. I firmly believe that the human spirit is essentially heroic and always seeking ways to express its innate nobility and greatness. And that a life fully lived, dedicated to actualizing the Highest we can conceive, is the noblest expression of human existence.


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