Master them Macaroons – By Kristine Grün

I have always wanted to Master the skill of making macaroons. I was impressed how well my first try went. This delicate french delight actually looked delightful, delicate and yummy even when created by me.


75g Almonds (almond flour or very fine almonds)

115g icing sugar 2 large egg whites (livingroom temperatur, important)

50g sugar 1/2 teespoon vanilla extract or fresh vanilla corns

You need a piping bag and two baking sheets ready.010215-01

Blend icing sugar and almonds, 15 seconds.

Turm it into a bowl.

Whip the egg whites untill you can create fluffy white tops of your mass.

Whip in the sugar, a little at a time. Then the vanilla extract.

Softly fold 1/3 of your almond flour into the mass at a time. Slowly.

You need a blanc thick ‘long’ dough at the end.

Pour the dough into your piping bag. Create 34 small circles (Count to 3 and that worked for me).

Make sure you have space between your circles. Let them now rest for 30minutes.

Meanwhile, heat up the oven at about 155 degrees. Bake the macaroons for 10-15minutes.

Let them rest for 10minutes before you move them to cool.


Create the cream of your choice!

I chose vanilla cream: 250g mascapone 1/2 vanilla pod Icing sugar. Mix it all together and taste!

Now build your macaroons two and two together with cream in the middle (use your piping bag to place the cream nicely). E’Vola!

You can be creative – I added dried strawberries to pimp-up my macaroon. 🙂





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This article was written by Kristine Grün

Who am I?: I am still trying to find out! A young academic from Denmark with a Master's in social economics and a warm heart for Africa. My every day is full of great joy and happiness, but also tons of frustration. I have recently lived in Zimbabwe, where I feel just as home amongst drums, soup kitchens and wild nature - as I do in the streets of Copenhagen. It was is life..journeys. Now I find myself in London - on another adventure, yet again.


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  1. Annette Rochelle Aben says - Posted: February 15, 2015

    Wow, I never knew how to make these and you truly not only make it sound easy but tasty! YUM! Almond flour is something I usually have in my cupboard all the time along with a bag of raw almonds… So I shall have to give these a try one day, eh?

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