Me So Corny – by Annette Rochelle Aben

I am an unabashed popcorn person! If there is a choice to be made between, let’s say, potato chips and popcorn or pretzels and popcorn, I will always choose the popcorn. You can use an air popper, toss a bag in the microwave, stick it in a basket and pop it over an open fire or pick it up at the store, pre-popped in a bag and I will be happy. Of course, my favorite way to make corn pop, is to put some olive oil and butter into a sauce pan, turn up the heat, add the kernels and let the magic happen!  The only way I have never had popcorn is to keep it on the cob and somehow cook that, but give me time…

When we were kids, my cousin David baby sat for us often, and of course, the snack my mom arranged for use to have, was popcorn. Dave would get out the pan, etc. and we’d all gather around the stove to witness the miracle of birth. Now, you have 3 children under the age of 8 and a recent high school graduate who have full run of someone else’s kitchen, there’s bound to be some mischief.  One night, we informed Dave that we had never seen popcorn popping. He didn’t waste any time and merely lifted the lid on the steaming hot pot. It was a free for all, what with popcorn flying all over the kitchen. I don’t think we even missed not having all that was originally intended because we were laughing so hard at the sight. Of course, this fun came at another price. Our mother was not a happy camper when she found out what we had done. Not that we told her, the popcorn ratted us out by showing up in places we never thought to check before Dave put us to bed that night.  Mom found popcorn behind the fridge, under the stove and yes, on top of the cupboards.

Another way I have yet to try popcorn is chocolate covered. Go ahead and laugh, I deserve to hang my head in shame. Oh sure, caramel coated popcorn has been flossed out from between my molars and I have had sticky powdered cheese orange fingers that let the whole world what I have been eating, but I have yet to indulge in mixing popcorn and chocolate. Not that I cannot find it, the Boy Scouts have tables set up every year at one of our local grocery stores and they sell it!  I have either been financially embarrassed (at the moment) or sticking to a logical eating plan, which is why I have never found myself face first in a canister of yummy wonderment.  One of these days. I will most likely make my own and when I do, I imagine there will be a parting of heavenly clouds with a bright light to point the way to my location.

All right, I’ll stop talking about eating popcorn. For a minute anyway.

I thought I’d be clever and look up what it means when you dream of eating popcorn.  Can’t say that I ever have but hey, one day I might.  Well what I found was that to dream of eating popcorn represents positive growths or ideas! I like that, since I have a positive outlook towards eating popcorn anyway. So, here’s a thought, if I love eating popcorn so much, could it be that I might be deemed a positive idea person? Could be, could be. I have always been able to be counted on, for rather productive brainstorming sessions. It just might be that dreaming of eating popcorn or eating dreamy popcorn could lead to some hot buttered ideas!  Dang!  And I owe it all to a lifetime of enjoying popcorn.

Pass the salt

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