More Magic to Have and to Hold – by Peter Grün McCarthy


There are two kinds of people in the world; those who wait for something to happen, and those who make things happen. My wife Kathleen is definitely the latter. She is one of those people that go on and on and on, until the day the magic happens.

Kathleen is actually one of the few people I know that practice “mind over matter” in a very straight forward way.

From some of Kathleen’s teachings, I have learned many simple yet powerful principles of how the mind of man and the man himself, moves forward together, co-dependent in a spinning way that sucks in and becomes the life you have and will get.

Just because you don’t yet have what you would like to have in “your hand”, doesn’t mean that it’s not on its way for you “to have and to hold.”

What ever thought of need that is on your minds foundation every day, is already storming towards you, with the grace of God if you may.

You will need patience, but patience is not just waiting for something. Being patient must involve YOU as an active living human being, that actively and every day holds a positive mind.

With a foundation of positive thought and active positive patience, the life that you are wishing for will arrive at your doorstep like magic!

We at The Magic Happens Magazine wish for YOU to Thrive in life – or Thrive Out Loud – as we say. We are not saying that you should not be critical to the world you live in, not at all, on the contrary. But keep building your positive foundation, give positive solutions to problems, know that anyone can get a positive life with a positive mindset. Magically changing life into your biggest dream is a process, it comes with active positive patience.



About author

This article was written by ~ Peter Grün McCarthy

Peter Grün McCarthy teaches Information technology, electronics and communication as a College Professor in Norway on a daily basis. He owns the record-lable and Sound studio workshop and he is also a part owner of the popular online Magazine, where he is the Tech Manager, a writer and one of the Editors. Peter has university level education in Science Engineering, Educational Psychology and Firefighting. He has also given lectures in themes like: Quantum physics, Ancient Religions, Mindfulness and other Self-development based themes.


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