My History with a Fitness System – by Hercules Invictus

He was inspired by the example of Hercules and was taught the secrets of strength by lions. He became a legend in his own lifetime and remains one of the most recognizable icons of our age.
Hark, for I would speak of Charles Atlas ®!

As I follow my own quest for a more Mythic Physique, I walk in complete confidence. In addition to all else actualizing my purpose entails, I have begun a course of action that will transform my physique into the heroic ideal I have always endeavored to embody.

How can I be so certain that I will succeed? Because I have followed the way of Charles Atlas ® before… and I know from experience where that particular path leads.

The first time was in my pre-teens. Testosterone had already transformed me but I had no ready access to free weights. I wanted to be mighty, like my ancestor, Hercules. How could I accomplish this?

I found the answer in a comic book. A smiling man, muscular and strong, promised me that I too could be like him with a minimal investment of my time. The living legend still walked the earth during this period and, though a bit older than he appeared in the ad, he still looked very strong and supremely healthy. I decided to take him up on his word and enroll.

My imagination ran free… in just seven days… I would have the Mythic Physique I desired.

When my package finally came, I was very excited. I was even more excited as time passed: the course actually delivered. Each and every envelope contained new exercises and taught character building. It promoted a system of values based on strength and health. I felt as though each set of lessons was addressed to me personally, as my mythic Mentor’s DEAR FRIEND.

And for a time in my youth I reveled in my Mythic Physique.

Years later… An adult now, I was working several jobs to keep afloat and was very much out of shape. I had no time for working out (or so I believed). I loved to read though, and nostalgically bought a discounted copy of ‘Yours in Perfect Manhood‘. I re-read it several times before actually doing the Dynamic Tension ® exercises included in the book. Before long, I had enrolled with Charles Atlas ® once again.

Dynamic-Tension ® was the foundation upon which I built a heroic physique as a young man.

That was more than half a lifetime ago. My weight has fluctuated a bit throughout my subsequent sojourn, though I’ve physically retained the mythic template. My recent adventures leave me little time to regularly visit gyms or consistently lift weights.

Luckily, the Dynamic Tension ® course requires neither. I only need perform the exercises twice daily to sculpt my heroic physique. Of this, I am certain.

As The Age of Heroes dawns near, I invite you all to actualize your dreams and make manifest your best possible self. I’ve always found the Charles Atlas ® course a good place to start, perhaps you will as well.

© Hercules Invictus

Images © Charles Atlas, Ltd.

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This article was written by Hercules Invictus

I am Hercules Invictus. My Olympian Mission is to promote life-long personal development, human empowerment, out-of-the box thinking, creative self-expression and a dedication of one's unique talents to community service. All of my Labors in this lifetime celebrate the Hero's Journey in myth, legend, spirituality, popular culture and in daily life. I firmly believe that the human spirit is essentially heroic and always seeking ways to express its innate nobility and greatness. And that a life fully lived, dedicated to actualizing the Highest we can conceive, is the noblest expression of human existence.


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