“MY MOSAIC OF LIFE” – by Brenda

I like to start my articles with the definition of the topic I am writing about from.  The topic of this article is “mosaic” and the definition given here for mosaic, in part, is (freedictionary.com):

  1. Also called an assembly of aerial photographs matched to show a continuous photographic
    representation of an area.

  1. composed of a combination of diverse elements.

The inspirational quote the Angels have given me regarding the concept of “mosaic”, which is found in my new book, In This Moment Angels’ Sweet Reflections, currently being published by Balboa Press is:

God’s Masterpiece entitled “The Perfection of Humanity” is now being displayed in “Harmony Hall”.  This Brilliant Mosaic is formed by the Connection of Individual “Diamonds” Sparkling from the Brilliance of their “Light and Love”.

Photo by Robert DeLaurentis

Photo by Robert DeLaurentis

I have been following a “fellow spiritual traveler”, Robert DeLaurentis, Zen Pilot, www.flyingthrulife.com, who is flying on his around-the-world record breaking flight, on a not-for-profit and “For Purpose” trip raising money for aspiring pilots, promoting innovation in aviation and helping pilots be better decision makers, more prepared and better trained.  Along his way, he is showing that “flying between 22 countries and over oceans can be fun and safe, and it’s never too late to follow your dreams”.

Recently, Robert shared photos with his connections online that he took of Dubai and as soon as I saw this photograph, it immediately reminded me of a mosaic and how much “My Mosaic of Life” is, which is reflected by this photograph.

I initially saw the “combination of diverse elements” including the height of the buildings with their immense, unassuming power, strength and steadfast stature; the width showing the spatial distance between the structures to allow for other elements to have their own positions, yet support and balance each other; and the depth of the photograph, reflecting the vast array of texture and composition in the contrast of the structures and the diversity of the elements.

I began to reflect on my own life and assimilate between the photograph and my life.  The reflections that came to me were not earth shattering, but created a retrospective dissection of several experiences I was able to come to terms with and wanted to share with you.

As with the height of the buildings, I, too, have immense, unassuming power, but have chosen to let this lie dormant for many years.  During this recent “metamorphosis” period I have been going through since October 29th, 2014, the “Divine Design” for “My Mosaic of Life” began to unfold and allowed me to project my immense, unassuming power and strength, while standing steadfast in my stature, reflecting the confidence I have in remaining committed to achieving my dream.  My dream is “I Desire to Inspire Everyone!” through my music and words, all of which have been gifted to me from the Angels.

I was on disability with serious back and hip pain and not able to work for several months in 2014 and the only dream I had during this time was to “return home to God”.  I did not want to live.  I pleaded with the Angels every night to “please let me die in my sleep if you are finished with me being your messenger on the planet”.  I had no purpose, joy, will or stamina to do anything.  I was in a back brace 24/7 and wore an ice pack all the time to keep the inflammation subdued.  The Angels intervened by sending my Mom, (who is deceased) as their messenger and while I was on the spinal decompression table she said, “You have to get your music on iTunes”.

In a previous period of disability between 2004-2006, when I had severe bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet and could not walk for 4 months, the Angels had gifted me with beautiful inspirational/spiritual music and lyrics.  According to the “Divine Plan” of “My Mosaic of Life”, My EP “In This Moment” was released in December, 2014 through MondoTunes.  Currently, and in balance and harmony with my EP, my first book of inspirational/spiritual quotes, In This Moment Angels’ Sweet Reflections, is being published through Balboa Press.  All the inspirational/spiritual quotes have been gifted to me by the Angels during this most recent period of disability in 2014.

Reflecting on this beautiful photograph, I saw the expansiveness of space between the buildings, allowing for other elements such as waterways, bridges and green spaces to be positioned.  I thought how congruently this reflected my own chasm of space I have allowed to flourish (not in a positive, healthy way) between myself and people in general, but especially men.  I have allowed my mistrust and extremely painful dissolution of my marriage many years ago to influence my living a “distant and separate from society” lifestyle, for fear of being hurt so deeply again and failing at something so sacred as a marriage, taking vows before God and not being able to honour this commitment.  As I look closer at the photograph, I see the symmetry of the relationship between each of the structures positioned in the expansive space between the elements, and see how together they all balance each other perfectly.  I recognized that it is time for me to adopt a closer relationship to my human connections, so that I am able to trust myself in creating a loving, healthy, supportive relationship which will balance me in every way.  I want to believe from the core of my being that I deserve to have love, peace and harmony with my “soul” partner, when he arrives and that God will orchestrate this for me, as he is my “conductor”.

I look at the depth of the photograph and see the “vast array of texture and composition in the contrast of the structures and the diversity of the elements”, and identify within myself just how many layers of emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual characteristics make me the person I am today.  From the lowest of the low feelings of “the absolute bottom of the barrel pit of despair” to the elation of being on top of the “mountain of momentum”, every emotion, positive and negative, has been experienced in each crevasse as I climb back up to my “pinnacle of empowerment”.  I am using God’s guide ropes and asking the Angels to carry me as I make my climb back up my mountain.

The Angels’ quote in summary states:

“The Perfection of Humanity” is a Brilliant Mosaic formed by the Connection of Individual “Diamonds” Sparkling from the Brilliance of their “Light and Love”.

Everyone I have in my immediate and peripheral life is a part of “My Mosaic of Life”.  Each one that I am connected with physically and/or virtually is a part of “My Mosaic of Life”.  Together, we are all “Diamonds” in this “Brilliant Mosaic” called “The Perfection of Humanity”, sparkling with our “Brilliance of Light and Love”.  We are here to encourage, support, inspire, motivate and unite as one “Brilliant Mosaic” called “The Perfection of Humanity”.  The congruency of our planet’s healing and unification in “Harmony Hall” is completely dependent on each of us standing strong beside each other, living peacefully together with our own immense, unassuming power and allowing for enough space between us to enhance and support our own diverse compositions.

I am deeply grateful to the Angels for intervening in “My Mosaic of Life” on October 29, 2014.  Without them, I am not sure where I would be today, but I do know that with them, this is where I am meant to be.

From My Heart to Yours.

Angel Blessings,
Brenda Rachel


About author

This article was written by Brenda Rachel

Brenda Rachel is the author of an inspirational/spiritual quote book In This Moment “Sweet Tweets”, Angel Messages, (being published through Balboa Press this year) which was channeled to her through the Angels in 2014-2015. Brenda Rachel says “I am a ‘Messenger for the Angels’ delivering words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy. The inspirational quotes were channeled to me in 2014-2015 while I was on disability with serious back and hip pain. I asked God and the Angels what they wanted me to know from this experience. I asked them to show me how I could serve them. I asked them directly for the messages they wanted me to bring to the Universe”. Brenda Rachel sends her quotes out on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook daily. Brenda Rachel is also a composer and songwriter of inspirational/spiritual music. She released her latest EP record, “In This Moment” through MondoTunes in December, 2014. In her Press Release published through MondoTunes, she says “My inspirational songs were channeled to me by the Angels. The songs began being channeled complete with lyrics, corresponding melody and chord progressions in 2004 when I was on disability and unable to walk for several months due to bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet. I would lay on the couch and ask God and the Angels why was I in such excruciating pain and what did they want me to learn from this experience. The album was released on the Brenda Rachel independent record label, entirely without support from the corporate music power structure. It comprises nearly 25 minutes of uplifting spiritual listening in six original tracks. Featuring powerful and evocative vocals by co-arranger Jon Hemingway and Una St. Clair, “In This Moment” is a true work of celestial inspiration with a clear and exultant message. Over the next 1.5 years, she writes, “21 additional songs with both music and lyrics were channeled to me.” Brenda Rachel cites as the main artistic influence her mother, Barbara Solis (Deceased), Spanish Concert Pianist, who became a very well-known and respected artist in the Ottawa area, but other influences also included a broad array of popular legends including Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Diana Krall, Sara Brightman, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Michael Buble, Clint Black, Jesse Cook, Yanni, Michael Bolton, and Sara MacLachlan. Her own musical background began at the young age of six on piano when she briefly studied under her mother. “It is my vision that these songs expressing words of inspiration, hope, peace, love and joy reach as many listeners as possible. “In This Moment” by Brenda Rachel, featuring the additional talents of Jon Hemingway and Una St. Clair, is available online worldwide. The Press Release for her New EP “In This Moment” is @MondoTunes.” Links: http://www.mondotunes.com/brenda-rachel-releases-new-ep-in-this-moment/ http://sonicsmashmusic.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/brenda-rachel-releases-new-ep-in-this-moment/ http://www.amazon.com/This-Moment-Una-Clair-Hemingway/dp/B00PL40LEA/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-this-moment-ep/id941428488 https://twitter.com/BrendaRachel444 https://www.facebook.com/brendarachel444 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/powerofperceptionradio/2015/01/04/power-of-perception-radio-with-brenda-rachel https://www.linkedin.com/nhome/?trk=nav_responsive_tab_home


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