My Plan Didn’t Work, But a Miracle Did – by Patty Paul

I like to organize things. Okay, as an organizer I’m borderline compulsive.  When I shop for jeans and the sizes are mixed up on the rack, I have to put them in order (you’re welcome, Walmart).  Planning ahead is also part of my organizer syndrome.  That includes planning trips in detail, even short ones.  A few years ago I planned the exact route I’d take to run an errand so that I’d get back to work on time.  But on that excursion something amazing happened that I could never have planned or even imagined.

It was payday Friday and I wanted to deposit my check at my bank across town during my one-hour lunch break. The round-trip drive from my Newport Beach office to my bank in Costa Mesa was about 15 miles. I was in a big hurry as usual which made me tense.  (I also have a thing about never being late.)  The route I’d planned to get me there and back as fast as possible was on surface streets all the way.

As I set off in my Hyundai hatchback, not only was I stopped by red lights at every single intersection, I encountered road construction on waaaay too many streets and I found myself behind every slow driver in Orange County. I got madder and madder, swearing like a sailor to punctuate my rage.  The angrier I got, the more obstructions seemed to be in my way.

Halfway there, while fuming as I waited for another red light to turn green, I happened to glance into my rear-view mirror and catch my reflection. I saw the anger in my eyes and felt its energies churning within me.  A mental light bulb went on. You, angry one, are creating this reality.  By resonating with all that anger and frustration inside me, I realized in that moment, that I had been attracting more and more things to be angry about!  Having anger wasn’t the problem; harboring it was.  (As a metaphysician, I know that I create my own reality.  Actually taking responsibility for it often takes longer.)

Still idling at that stop light, I consciously released all that anger inside me and forgave myself for not taking responsibility to do so sooner. I felt the anger and tension lifting up and out of me.  Then I decided to think about the wonderful creative project I wanted to begin.  For the rest of the drive to my bank, I felt happiness and enthusiasm as I focused on the painting I would make and the “Peace on Earth” greeting card I was going to create from it.

I arrived at the bank and found the large lobby crowded with long lines to every teller’s window. No problem.  I felt serene.  I got at the end of one long line, and other walk-in customers stepped behind me.

I was there for only a few minutes, now buried in the middle of the long line, when a loan officer arose from her desk way on the other side of the vast room. She walked directly to me and asked if she could help me. I followed her back to her desk and handed her my bank deposit.  There was no logical reason for this to have happened. That is the definition of a “miracle.”

Quietly, gratitude and joy filled me as she quickly completed my transaction.

I knew that I had allowed this wonderful and unexplainable experience to occur by changing my own resonance before I went into the bank.

I happily sailed back to my office in plenty of time without any obstacles to slow me down.

© 2017 by Patty Paul. All rights reserved. Patty Paul is the author of A New Spirituality: Beyond Religion; and talk show host of Living Wisdom with Patty Paul videos on YouTube.

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One sunny day in July 1985, after the end of another failed relationship, I sat myself down on my couch to figure out what had gone wrong. As I looked back over my life I recognized patterns I’d been repeating over and over since childhood. I realized right then that if my life was going to change, I had to change. In that moment I made a determined choice to find out how and what I needed to change within myself to have the kind of happiness and success I longed for. That profound choice opened a new door. Answers and info began to come my way within 24 hours - and my whole life changed direction. Since that pivotal moment, I have been dedicated to my own growth and change as a unique being on my own journey of self-discovery. Mine has been an accelerated metaphysical path...always seeking higher truths...and it has brought me increasing happiness, success, personal power and freedom. As a published author and public speaker, I love to share what I’m learning and experiencing. In addition to writing numerous magazine and newspaper articles, I authored the book: A NEW SPIRITUALITY: BEYOND RELIGION; and its Spanish translation: INTIMIDAD ESPIRITUAL. Currently I’m writing EXPLORING OTHER LIFETIMES: THE MEMOIR OF A SPIRITUAL BEING, which is expected to be published in early 2018. For more info about me and the feedback from readers, reviewers, viewers and workshop audiences, please visit: My website:; and my Facebook page: “LIVING WISDOM with PATTY PAUL - YouTube video channel” I am honored and enthusiastic to be a new author for “The Magic Happens.”


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  1. Patty Paul says - Posted: April 7, 2017

    I’m very grateful for the kind words in this email I received: “Great article Patty, sharing your experience and how you handled it and ultimately receiving help from directly taking responsibility. Loved it! It’s a gift for the rest of us that your sharing your experiences and wisdom. Thank you.” – Susan Burge, Mission Viejo, CA

  2. Patty Paul says - Posted: April 21, 2017

    I’m grateful to another person who read my April “Plan-Miracle” story and sent me this email: “Great job, Patty!” – Tommy(…)

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