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Artists such as “Van Gogh” have inspired me with their amazing creativity. I have sadly not been inspired enough to become an artist myself. Painting for me is like ice skating for a beginner at an age where learning would not give much time or ability to enjoy a new skill. Colours and the way they are used in the way they are amazes me. I am astonished to see that these artists can recreate pictures that I could envisage in my mind’s eye.
I was always a bit of a klutz when it came to art. I could not draw for toffee, not even if you offered me a million pounds. I am lucky if I can draw a stick man and make him look like one. That is the extent of my artist talents, loool. So I am blessed to see that I was given a talent, different creative skill that can be used in such a way that I can create pictures in minds in different ways.
Recently I have looked at art in a different way. I have always seen things in art more than colours that the brush strokes bring to a picture. Stories can come from all forms of art, regardless of whether there is a story behind the image or not. We all see different things in our eyes when looking at art. I see ways to write poems to either enhance the art, or to share the art in a background connection.
I decided to test that theory myself, could art be extended to something more than just colours, images and creativity. Would it be possible for me to be able to add my creativity to an already amazing piece of art work?
I contacted a recent connection who shared with me her amazing artwork Annelies Van Vugt. Annelies was excited at the idea of trying out this new idea with me. I found that her work inspired me to write poems with the artwork in mind, something I had not tried before. I had looked for art to share with my articles but to do it this way was something of a new experience. Even though I had had it in mind before I had not put it into practice until now.
So now let me share with you one of the produced pieces that I came up with. I hope you like it and that it brings a picture up for you as the art work has done for me. If you are able to let me know your thoughts on my new creative idea.


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This article was written by K.C. Hart

Hi I am K.C. I have been writing poems most of my life. I have been so inspired by Poets such as the likes of "William Wordsworth" and his poem " I wandered lonely as a cloud" have helped me on the journey of life. I have been so blessed that the universe has given me such a talent as Creating Poetry to touch the souls of others. You can check out some of my poems at my website please feel free to share your comments on my blogs xx Sending blessings of love & light always xx I hope that you enjoy my writings and that it will inspire you, to know that no matter the challenges life brings that the stars will shine for you like they now do for me. Sending blessings of peace, love & light to you all always xxxx


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