New Year~New Beginning~New Journey – by Lee Pryke

So much fun to begin something new I think. You get a chance to redo anything that didn’t work or serve your highest good! Like the beginning of a new week after a weekend of relaxing and refreshing your mind, you get to jump back in the sadle and begin to create. I love the fact that living in the now doesn’t keep us attached to yesterday. Good thing because it is gone and cannot be brought back unless of course it was the best day ever and then maybe you want a replay.

HAPPY New Years 2016!


When things seem like they are not quite fitting together in the plan, a new day gives us the chance to take a new look at what is working and build upon that. Discard that which doesn’t fit and make the day even better than the one before. Once you have accomplished this routine IMAGINE what every day in this New Year is going to be like.

Personally, I set no expectations any more, no resolutions for me. They all too often start out with a bang and end up a little fizzle. I do

believe in having a plan and working towards an end result. I do believe in spending a few minutes every day visualizing your life exactly as you imagine it in a perfect scenario. I do believe that each small step forward gets us to our destination.

Having a plan in place is our road map so that if life gets tangled up and in the way, we simply refer back to the road map, check the exits and return ramps and get back on the journey of living life with excitement, determination, and happiness. It can only lead you to a happy fulfilled life and who could ask for anything more!

If you are looking for assistance creating your life map, I can help you. As a life coach, mentor and a 65 year wise woman with tons of experience in detours…..I have developed a tool box FULL of ways to stay on the route and enjoy each NEW day, new hour, new moment. Contact me for more information on my New Coaching Course. What if Just for Today…..

As an Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner, this is a great time to declutter your life and clear out any negative stuck energy from the past year and start with a refresh in your home or office. Contact me for a FREE Consultation. I work anywhere in the world by distance.


Lee Pryke, MPsy, ESCP

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“Through my years of learning, experiencing, and researching personal enrichment, the common demoninator is that we create our daily TO DO list with others in the top three, not honouring our own unique gifts first; in fear of feeding our 'ego'. Here’s the rub – Everything is energy and when we feel good about ourselves from the inside out, that energy transmits into the environment around us. Our family, friends, co-workers feel the energy [negative or positive] and it manifests more of the same. What frequency are you plugged into? Are you tired and feeling stuck or is your world everything you desire? In my world I am known as 'a boost of happy' and you are invited to come and play in my world. Energy Therapist, Transitional Coach, Author, and Educator Wellness Advocate, Lee guides you towards the end result with love, laughter and compassion.


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