No Time But the Present – by Annette Rochelle Aben

I recently received word that a dear friend of mine was in trouble. It seems she has been named in a lawsuit alleging that she contributed to the untimely death of a mutual friend of ours. Of course, this news rocked my world and I can only imagine what it was doing to her and her family. As of this writing, that is all I know for sure, but I am aware this is only the beginning of what will prove to be her darkest night of the soul.

So, what does she do now? Worry will get her nowhere. Wishing she could turn back time is not exactly an option either. How should she spend her time until the next shoe drops? The answers to those two questions will determine how intense the rest of her life will be from this point forward.

Naturally, the ball is in motion regarding a situation that is over 6 months old. Our friend is dead, and nothing is going to bring him back to life. If she spends this time, second guessing her choices, the voices in her head could drive her deep into depression. If she spends this time worrying about what could happen in the long run, she will surely find no peace. There is only real option and that is to live in the present moment.

In the present moment, she is safe. In the present moment, she has the freedom to move about, spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren. In the present moment, her attitude will lay the groundwork for the rest of her life. All we have any concrete connection to is the present. The past is long gone. The future has yet to arrive. Keeping her focus on the beauty around her, will help her cultivate a center of serenity.

It is likely that there will be a trial, and as the topic is the death of a man, who was under her professional care for his medical needs at the time of his death, this promises to be emotional for all involved. What his family alleges will surely move the jury to look at her with suspicion. Having to defend herself against the accusations will require her to be calm and straight forward. By grounding herself in the present moment, NOW, she will develop a habit that she can call upon in any circumstance no matter the day.

All any of us has is the present moment. The choices we make, determine how we allow this moment to impact our life. People will say that time is not on our side but I do not agree. Time is always on our side when we decide that the only time that matters is the moment in which we find ourselves right now. This is not about controlling the future. This is about making the most of each moment for all it’s worth. To allow ourselves to embrace moments of peace and serenity. The past is a memory, that can fade with time. The future is a dream, that only time will reveal. Ideally, the present moment is all we have.

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