October is National Book Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben

October is National Book Month.  What a great opportunity this provides for us to share the joy of books. We can buy them, loan them, read them even discuss them and in doing so, we improve our quality of life!

Cozying up with a book can relax us, allowing our bodies to release tensions and toxins. Getting caught up in a book can expand our brain power, stimulate our imaginations and enhance our vocabulary. Reading to someone else strengthens relationships. It could be a child who loves a bedtime story or a senior citizen who simply enjoys hearing the sound of your voice; both are terrific opportunities to connect through a book. Maybe neither of these people can read for themselves, so you reading to them, provides an invaluable and loving service. And rest assured, that even animals LOVE being read to, so the next time you visit an animal shelter or the barn, take a book and read to the critters!

If you don’t already have a library card, consider getting one. I know, that where I live, they are free. That card allows me to check out books, both physical and audio, for my enjoyment. If there is a book I cannot find in my local library, they will be able to search a network of other libraries and if they can locate the book, they can have it shipped to our location. That’s cool.

Of course, you can also gift someone a book or two. I happen to be a published author and all my titles are available on Amazon . Yes, I recommend my books, I wrote them and I know their value! Naturally, there are millions of titles available for purchase whether online or in a brick and mortar store.  Wherever and however you choose to purchase, buying someone a book is a great way to show both the reader and the author some appreciation.

 I hope you’ll join me in celebrating National Book Month, here in October. It is my sincere hope that this celebration will continue throughout your lifetime. Books are great friends and we can all use a great friend!

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