Pasha the Expressive – by JoJo Lowey

She has no words
From her mouth to convey,
Yet through her eyes expressive
She communicates to play.
Through her eyes it is truly
A gateway to her soul
Previously blank
She was lost in a hole.
Through love and praise
Her eyes now expressive
Her emotions are shown
Her communication suggestive.
When she closes her eyes
With a gentle squint
It’s absolute trust
Through her expressive hint.
A gentle head but from her head
to your hand for credulous affection
Vibrate her purrs
Content with connection.
Benefits of healing
So theraputic
Collaborate with owner
An essence so cherubic.

About author

This article was written by jojo lowey

I have spent 25 years as a social care worker working within the community and institutionalised settings with various age groups from children ,teenagers,adults and elderly people and enjoyed every aspect of learning and interaction. I now consider myself as an artisan who enjoys free expression of my arts and crafts,drawing,painting,singing and writing.l understand that joy and happiness to pursue my hobbies is now priority.My intention is to encourage and assist anybody in my journey to the best of my ability to be the best version of themself as a perfect human being.


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