Past Locomotive – by Peter McCarthy

I was on my way to see my sick mother, the nursring home had called me for the third time to tell me that my mother probably wasn’t going to make it much longer. My dad died two years ago and the idea of becoming a genetic orphan was making me feel very uncomfortable, as a single child being all alone in the world – had definitely restimulated all my childhood fears.

I had taken the plane from Norway down to Copenhagen, and I was waiting for a train to go to my childhood town, probably for the last time. I was trying to remember all the stories about a life after Life, reincarnation, religion, beliefs, and I was trying to recall all the times in my life where I had felt like being inspired from “the other side” – you know – stuff like that. But it all seem so distant in this moment and it felt like it didn’t matter what I believed in or how much I believed … I felt exhausted and devastated and I felt like a little boy – or a classic scientist – that needed more proof, once again …

I was standing there at the railroad station waiting for a delayed train, trying to formulate a prayer or something that I could shout out loud up in the skies … and in my head I think it ended with something simple and childish like: “do we still exist after life is over … Does my daddy and grandparents still exist in some dimension or on some spiritual plane, I need real proof” … Of course it’s just so unreal when it’s right up in your face – isn’t it? It’s so much more easy to comfort someone else, right?

…. I needed some privacy as there was just too many people at the first half of the platform, so I walked to the end of the platform waiting for the next train, formulating my “do they still exist” prayer … And all of a sudden – out of nowhere I heard a “tuut tuuut” sound – and that odd sound from the past “che-ka che-ka che-ka”

There are 12 tracks in Copenhagen central station, so I looked around and saw – to my big surprise – an old locomotive huffing and puffing in a big cloud of smoke coming right up on the exact track where  I was standing. The engineers, there was two of them, pulled the steam- whistle at me again and waved and smiled like little boys having fun. I heard the whining train brakes of steel rubbing against steel at high friction, and the steam engine getting released from all its pressure… Pfsssh …

… And then something really weird happened:
The engineer standing closest to the platform smiled and shouted out loud directly to me: “They still Exist! Isn’t that really cool!” and then they both laughed and smiled heartily … I think that I replied “yeah .. really cool .. thanks” … but the chills on my skin was so intense that I got dizzy,  and I just stood there and stared at the scene of the locomotive, the steam and a coal wagon and engineers with coal sweat in their faces and on their hands, and their smiles … and then the other engineers “from the past”  shouting to me: “Yeah …They still exist! Care for a ride Sir?”


I really don’t need any more proof now … I won’t ask that question again ever …

My mother died a few days later, I’m glad I saw her that one last time before her soul passed into another existence.

I fantasize about her taking an old train with that exact locomotive into a beautiful sunrise … laughing and waving.






About author

This article was written by ~ Peter Grün McCarthy

Peter Grün McCarthy teaches Information technology, electronics and communication as a College Professor in Norway on a daily basis. He owns the record-lable and Sound studio workshop and he is also a part owner of the popular online Magazine, where he is the Tech Manager, a writer and one of the Editors. Peter has university level education in Science Engineering, Educational Psychology and Firefighting. He has also given lectures in themes like: Quantum physics, Ancient Religions, Mindfulness and other Self-development based themes.


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  1. Kristine says - Posted: October 14, 2014

    Just beautiful..

    And fascinating. And wonderful.

    She did that im sure – laughted and waved and enjoyed the trainride ***

  2. kay avalon says - Posted: April 10, 2015

    My whole body had a chill through it when I read this – there is no doubt you were having a message from the other realms

  3. Lykke Pia Jespersen says - Posted: November 20, 2016

    What a story. Love that

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