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Sometimes people want you to perform and deliver your best effort, in order to challenge you to do the best you can. When this is out of love, it will be not just a challenge, it is also about trust for the best interest they have in you. I think we all know those attempts to perform, one way or the other. In so many areas there is this demand to perform in something you are not always comfortable in. We know how to excel in those we are good at, comes natural or gained through hard work and perseverance.  In this case it is about writing an article about the topic Perform which includes performance as well the need to be able to deliver something worth reading.

When writing is something that is so much part of yourself you cannot ignore, it is not so much about performance, as well how to perform to be the best I can. High standards I have in order to write something worth while reading. Yet I also know I write because I can allow the words come to life on paper when given a topic. At school, writing essays as well setting up a story with a topic nobody really wanted to talk about. So you could say I love a challenge, as well to speak my mind and show my interest I have in certain areas. Like the way groups interact and are being dominated by just one person at times. Instead of using the common interest in having a sound and transparent community as a group, with social boundaries about behavior for instance.

Psychology always held my interest along with being an observer, I have loved watching the dynamics between people since an early age. How do they perform within a group when they are been given a  task? This might be on a physical level. Like playing within a team of sport, or as an individual competing with others to win the highest award possible. Don’t forget that these types of performances are being judged and rated. We all know the numerous shows, like the ability to show your greatest talent, or determine who will be the best vocalist in the land. Like this is something that comes with our human nature, the competitive streak. Also known as the will to win and be the best, so you have the most power.

Wars have been fought for it, power struggles are still going on worldwide to dominate through winning. Not always through the most uplifting performance. When a group of people is forming a team to perform a task, they can only succeed if they team up to bring forth the best possible performance. Each member must have the will to perform the best they can. Also they will have to learn from each other the strengths and weaknesses, in order to learn how to perform for the best result. They also have to accept the fact each one has a different tempo, or a different way of achieving. Where to set the bar, for the best result as a group, envisioning the best way to perform.

To perform is sometimes about being efficient, other times maybe about synchronicity. In order to perform any task, it is necessary to know the content as well which direction you want to go. So, when it comes to writing an article, of course I want to achieve the most optimal performance. To get your attention, to hold your attention till the last sentence. To make it interesting, an easy read or listen to. Yet also, to bring in a different perception or perspective at times. To show a bit of my inner world, in order to allow the article to be written. Because I know, I can only write and perform at my best, when I allow the words to come out. Don’t intervene to much with the flow of the words. So to speak, because that prevents me from getting stuck in the logical mind or mental mind.

Allowing the words to come out, about any topic, also assists me to get more and more into this creative performance. That is where I find my passion to write. In there, I can let the inner knowledge and wisdom come out in order to be shared. I love my writing to be of high standard as well appealing to others. So, in order to perform to my best ability, I have to connect with my inner source and heart. Because that is where my creativity comes to life. Tapping into this energy field, I am able to perform in a way I never would have held for possible. I know I have had a way with words since I was a kid and it not something to brag about. It is a quality and a gift I have and needs to be used in a way that it will be serve its purpose as well. To perform to my best as possible and deliver my best performance.

When my articles come through the Heart as well the Love, I can trust and relate on my inner source to bring out my best performance. For that moment in time, that is. It is always the Now moment we excel or perform on our best. Practice and training will offer the fruits and perseverance will bring in the results of progress. Yet in times, of change, or differentiation, the challenges might differ as well the outcome. So, when we want to perform just to be the best we can be, there is no such thing as failure, or judgement. You know you did the best you could do at that given time and moment. And that’s all you have to do, isn’t it. Be the best you can be.

And so it will be done.

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  1. Marie Pollnow says - Posted: July 11, 2017

    I really enjoyed this. There is such passion in your writing. Performing at your best really speaks to me. I can relate to this. I have been exploring new topics and words so I may improve my own writing. Oftentimes I feel like I am bearing my soul.

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