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My name is Ariel, named by my mother from Shakespeare’s Tempest – my parent’s prediction that I would create a storm in the world. I do not believe I have, as yet! I have lived in Australia my whole life – all sixty years of it. Currently I reside in a very small farming community in rural Queensland. By small, I mean one pub, a school, a community hall and one general store. And though there is a residential house converted into a police station – it is unoccupied at present. However, I have lived in city suburbia, country towns, rural farms, and resort beach towns in most parts of Australia at one time or another.

My current home, is a small two-bedroomed house which I share with my female calico cat, Alvira. A highly mischievous and demanding individual who is rarely out of my company. My days are spent, when not on my computer, working at establishing a revised form of self-sufficiency – growing vegetables, candle-making, bread baking by hand, baking and cooking. However, the computer has become a large part of my life in recent months, as I work to establish my final life triad’s entrepreneurial career.

In the first thirty years of my youth phase, like many do, I spent focused on relationships. During this time I married three times and had one defacto relationship. I raised two stepsons as well as my own two boys. My only daughter died of cot death at nine weeks old. Having four major relationships (I didn’t believe in having minor ones) I spent a good deal of time making the transition from dependency to independent living, and back again!

My mature adult phase of life was a steep learning curve. In the early years of this phase I spent working at different careers – primarily as a Natural Health Practitioner across diverse modules of healing practices. My special areas of interest during this time were herbal medicine, sexual counselling, remedial ‘work & injury’ soft tissue techniques, and homeopathic remedies. In the middle years of this phase I began teaching – children with learning difficulties, metaphysical studies, and more formally in a School of Sports Massage and Remedial Techniques, where I taught Anatomy and Physiology and practical remedial manipulations. In the final decade of this second phase of life, I became the student. I studied celebrancy and trained in public speaking, before entering the work force as a Marriage Celebrant. And finally I entered university for the first time. Here I focused on Social justice by studying Criminology and the Criminal Justice System, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. I gained my degree in Liberal Studies in 2012.

Throughout my life, starting in early childhood, my primary passion and study has been the metaphysical realm. I started with Wicca, which is a religion based on the worship of a duality of God and Goddess through the practice of ritual. Practiced divination with the reading of Tarot cards, and developed my own psychic skills as a clairsentient. I became a member of the Theosophical Society and joined the Rosicrucian Order. I studied Hermetic Magic, the Power of Thought and Emotions, and finally I assembled all my studies into one coherent magical philosophy and practice; which I teach today.

Today in my final triad of life, I profess to belong to NO religious affiliation, and I do not worship any deity. I do however define myself as a Witch, Teacher and an author. To clarify, A Witch or ‘wise elder’ knows and understands natural forces, and is able to manipulate these forces to achieve desired outcomes – the practice of ‘Magic’. In this way, the Witch can heal sickness and ‘bend’ natural forces to create new paths. They are fortune tellers and charm / spell weavers, seers, teachers, and story-tellers. A true Witch lives by a strict moral and ethical code, because she understands the consequences of her own thoughts, words, and actions on other living beings. She prefers a quiet life, often working behind the scenes to support the people in her community with her skills. Traditional Witch Craft and Tarot interpretation is what I teach online. via a Facebook group. As an author I am currently writing my very first historical/fiction novel, and now writing as a new author for The Magic Happens Magazine.



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This article was written by Ariel Brown

In my early years I entered nursing, studied a wide range of Natural Health Modalities, and finally gained my Diploma in Remedial Massage Techniques. However, my true passion has always been the realm of the metaphysical. To this end I undertook Theosophical studies through the Rosicrucian Order AMORC. Divination, Talismanic Magic, Reincarnation / Regression and Psychic Development through traditional Wiccan Teaching in South Australia. In 2005, I attained my Diploma of Marriage Ceremony and Design from International College of Celebrancy. And in 2012, I completed my UGD in Liberal Studies from Griffith University, Queensland Australia (2012) with special focus on Criminology & CJS, Social Justice, Sociology, Philosophy, Religion and Psychology. Finally, my personal research and study over 15 years into Hermetic and Kabbalistic Magic and Occult practices, has accumulated into my current work as a spiritual adviser for those on a personal development path. Personal development is what we all seek as our goal. It includes the recognition of how we are personally responsible for our own growth and limitations; for creating both good and bad experiences. This means never placing responsibility for fortuitous events or life's misfortunes on external sources. This philosophy of consciously creating one’s own reality, is the basis of ‘spell-weaving’ which I teach online through the Facebook group, School of Traditional Witch Craft. In conjunction with the school, I also teach Tarot symbolism and interpretation. At the present time, I am also in the process of writing my first novel. Based on Witch Craft, fairy lore, myth, legend and magic, the research has stimulated a new passion and interest in ancient Celtic Ireland, its people and culture.


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  1. Hakan Akdogan says - Posted: July 3, 2015

    Welcome Ariel,
    Lovely article. Great plain and simple explanation on witch craft and your relationship to it. Loved it.
    I am sure you will teach us a lot.

    Blessings to Australia…

  2. Linda Lang says - Posted: July 24, 2015

    Welcome Ariel.

    I’m sure you’ll bring lots of wisdom and wonderful stories to TMH.


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