Pirappa ~ Dragon Wisdom – by Sara Jane

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Welcome to a Message from the Crystal Dragon that guards over the Crystal Fuchsite
You are so sparkly
You have so many sparkles within you.
So why are you holding them back?
Why are you hiding from the world?
You are such a bright and beautiful Being
Shine your light; let the sparkles within you been seen and felt by others.
Sparkles; what sparkles?
Your gifts, your laughter, your smile, your happy words of encouragement and love.

There are so many bright sparks within you and you are hiding, if not all, the majority of them, not only from the world but from yourself.

It is time, it is time to let yourself shine. To show yourself who you are and let the world see who you are.

Don’t worry about what others think, it’s not about what others think, that’s their stuff; be true to yourself.

It is so important to be true to yourself.

If you are driving along and you see somebody wishing to pull out, shine a light, let them out.

Somebody trying to cross the road, especially when it is raining, you’re in a nice warm car, they’re getting wet, let them cross.

You’re walking along the street, a child drops something or somebody drops something, pick it up for them.

Just a smile as you walk past somebody in the street.

These genuine little acts of kindness are your sparkles, are your little sparks of light, the little bits of happiness that you can bring to others and as you bring them to others, you bring them to yourself.

Have you seen our Crystal?

Ahh, some of you may say it doesn’t look like a crystal but it has lots of lovely glittery bits.

You can hold it in your hand and you can be left with little bits of glitter, of little sparkles in your hand.

We share our sparkles and we’d love to help you to share your sparkles too.

So, it is time for you to sprinkle your sparkles wherever you go, don’t worry about what other people are thinking, watch for the smiles that it brings.

Watch for the fact and feel how it changes your life and know that it will change the other individuals.

When you let somebody out in the car, they will then hopefully let somebody else out; your good deed can and will result in other people passing that on.

They can’t pay you back, they don’t know who you are, it isn’t about being paid back, it is about passing it on.

Do a good deed for somebody and they will do it for somebody else and the world, your world, your life will become better for it.

So, let yourself, your light shine


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About author

This article was written by Sara Jane

Who is Sara Jane? Sara is 57 years old and had a varied background before finding Complementary Therapies in 2002. She currrently lives and works from her home in Bournemouth, UK. She has worked in retail to Area Manager Level, was a consumer services manager for 2 toy manufacturers, ran public houses with her first husband and worked in insurance. She is now a Reiki & Sound Energy Master Practitioner & Teacher and practitioner of Metamorphic Technique, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage & Ear Candling, as well as running self-development and other workshops, Reiki and Sound Shares. Sara is an author, international speaker and the founder of Gift of Healing TV, as well as being the voice for many friends in the Mythical Realm including the Dragons that guard over the Earth's Crystals. She also loves the outdoors and in 2001 was a trainee handler at The UK Wolk Conservation Trust, where she had many wonderful interactions with the wolves​.


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