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Do you have a plan for your life or are you just drifting? We open up and shut ourselves down to so many things in life all the time without being aware of it.
We drift by impulses or the input from others; a mail, sms, a phonecall or just a poke!
Why not get behind the steering wheel yourself? Why not conduct your life, as you want it?

Medieval times with knights and thieves on the path as well as magic wands, is as much a reality today. In the modern world of WWW we need to be net-knights, to be on guard. Vigilance is needed when you contact the internet. The internet is a dragon a huge animal or the beast of the apocalypse, if you like. It is an animal because it eats and can consume you, your life, your time and soul. It eats time and your awareness, it eats your hours, days and life.

magic-wandIt is perhaps not a coincidence that the www in the kabbalah becomes 666, the number of the beast? Well why not take the beast by the horns? Why not take the animal within and face it? We all have it in different ways and the cultivation of the human in us is a result of the work with that animal, a life long work. So why not plan it?

When you aim at something you sooner or later get there. Use the magic wand of your soul to aim with awareness.

Just think of it when you say “Hi” to somebody do you take their hand, do you give it a shake, do you give yourself time to feel the grab? What about your eyes, do you look them in the eyes as you shake their hands? Do you aim at a meaningful encounter?

Imagine that other person being an old, walled, medieval town. A triple walled town. Do you just see that outer wall as you say hi from a distance, do you touch it lightly or do you walk in though the gates of the first or even second wall with a sensitive slow handshake, as you look the person in the eyes? Or perhaps you go all the way in looking them in the eyes, grabbing their hand watching them? As you get the deeper bonding confirmed by the warmth in their eyes you rest with them in a deep slow bear hug. That is the knight with a plan and a determined magic wand.

If you just connect superficially you might end up saying; “Houston, we have a problem”. So remember next time you connect plan it first: look in the eyes, prolonged touch, good hug – mission achieved! The knight got the Holy Grail!

Everything you connect to influences you, we bond on so many levels. You could even say bonding is the most important factor for your evolution! Plan well at what you point your magic staff. Some choices give repercussions for the rest of your life! Plan your life by making a clear goal and picture of yourself to be. Do not limit the picture but give it the highest goals you can imagine, plan for a future life. Then plan what you need to connect to. What do you want to create a contact to, a link, so it takes away the distance and makes you blend and merge with it as you become more and more of the thing you entangle with.

People tend to choose dogs that have similar qualities as themselves. Connecting with the dog I am sure makes them even look more alike too. The person you bond most with, your partner, is influencing you on so many levels that you even start to look more and more a like them, think like them and act like them. A recent research from Macquarie University in Australia showed how intimate couples, couples having a deeper bonding became part of a mutual interpersonal cognitive system. Some people say you are what you eat, let me say; you are whom you meet!

You are influenced by everything you entangle with, if you listen to certain kinds of music, if you eat certain kinds of foods, if you walk in nature instead of a busy street it all is an exchange that creates the new you to be. Each time you repeat it it creates deeper and deeper connections and influences. The persons you chose to be with influences you, the TV-shows, or sites you browse all are subtle exchanges.

Plan your goal and make sure to take a bite each day, it takes a lot of meals to eat a mammoth, it takes 10,000 hours to be good at what ever you want to master. Plan your daily rituals; a walk in nature, meditate, pray or read an inspiring text. Or even make your own alter at home, a sacred shelf, table or room with some inspiring things.

You are always in the process of selecting what you want to be entangled with.  That is the magic of your future to be. You can plan and choose to drop things and bond with them less and less and you can plan to choose to repeat things to make them become a bigger part of your future. You walk about in life with a magic wand and what you point at and select is the direction you are pulled at, what you will bond with. Point at the future you want to manifest, create your future! Use the magic wand to entangle with your goal, your plan.

If you do not have a plan, make one today. This is the first day in the rest of your life a perfect day to spend a few minutes making that plan.

Make it a magic plan by the quality of your entanglement, your enchantment by using different flavours, different attitudes, different background music, select your spices.

How you look at people, how you touch them, how you approach a meal, how you relate to people and yourself decides the touch of the bonding, the taste, the quality and level of it. By touching even dead things with care, it does something to you as well as that thing.

Swing the magic wand with spices of wisdom, love and joy!
The magic happens now!

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