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Whenever someone decides to make popcorn, something miraculous occurs. The tiny brown popcorn kernels undergo a spectacular transformation into fluffy yellow bitesize nuggets. This is because of the endosperm inside the kernels. This endosperm contains moisture. When heated the moisture turns to steam. Chaos ensues as the force of the steam builds up. Eventually the walls of the kernels can no longer contain this growing tumult. The force of the steam ruptures the walls. The contents burst out, expanding to up to fifty times their original size. They ultimately cool and set into their brand new form, pieces of popcorn. The making of popcorn follows a trajectory of chaos, force, expansion and transformation. This process in the humble popcorn is a microcosm of the creation of the multiple universes or multiverse described in the Ageless Wisdom.

Akasha is the spiritual substance at the heart of creation. It contains within it the seed of everything that is to be. It is all-pervading. When the force of divine thought acts upon it, Akasha transforms into the various planes and structures of the cosmos. In Ancient Egyptian cosmology this is represented in the legend of the older and younger Horus. The older Horus is the brother of Osiris. He is the seed or idea of the world conceived in the divine mind. The younger Horus is the son of Osiris. He is the idea unfolding from the divine mind to take tangible form.

The Greek philosopher Democritus believed everything in the universe derived from atoms within a vacuum. For Democritus, the word vacuum was simply another name for chaos. The divine idea brought form to chaos through the force of its will. Later the German philosopher Eduard von Hartmann took this idea and expanded it. According to von Hartmann this will acts upon atomic force. Atoms take physical shape from the image previously fashioned by the will. Democritus’ and Hartmann’s ideas were not new. They had been described thousands of years before by the ancient Hindus. In their cosmogony Brahma emerges from the primeval chaos as the universal self. He becomes the architect of the universe using his creative will to bring form to chaos.

Everything expands from the creative force of divine will. In Theosophy, this is described as the transcendent principle of emanation. All things descend from the divine idea or first reality. At every step the emanating manifestation is less pure and less perfect. This process of descent is visualised by theosophists as sevenfold. The first reality expands in seven rays of emanation from the oneness of the vortex. The seven rays are the essence of the seven attributes: will, love, intelligence, harmony, knowledge, idealism and magic. According to the theosophist Alice Bailey, ‘Each of the great rays has a form of teaching truth to humanity which is its unique contribution.’

In Isis Unveiled, H.P. Blavatsky explains how the divine spark descends into physical form. As the divine becomes physical, it transforms into denser and denser material. Just as in the previous examples, we see the divine idea becoming material as the first reality expands. According to Blavatsky when physical matter reaches its densest state, it begins a gradual ascent back towards the higher spiritual plane. Humanity is part of this perennial cycle of evolution and development. This is revealed in the kabbalistic Book of Siphra Dzeniouta or Book of Concealed Mystery. In this book an illustration depicts the divine consciousness emanating as an arc of light. This arc of light bends back towards the earth pulling humanity in its wake.

As the cycle of eternity continues in the multiverse, old universes dissipate and new universes come into being. The multiverse is born through the action of divine thought. The force of divine will acts upon chaos. Creation expands from the first reality and transforms into its ultimate form. This process has taken place over billions of years and will repeat itself for billions of years to come. Quite something to chew on with your next bag of popcorn.

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