Put Deliberate Thinking to the Test – Coaches Corner – by Joseph A. Drolshagen

Hello Everyone! Can you believe the holidays are just around the corner? WOW!

This month, I continue to run across this quote by Mary Morrissey:

“Some people live for 90 years. Other people live one year 90 times and continue to repeat the same patterns that are not working nor bringing excitement into life”.

Which are you? Taking an honest inventory, would you fit into the 90 years person, living with excitement, happiness, fulfillment, love, expansion? Be honest with yourself. Is your life filled with love? How about financial abundance? Are you thriving or struggling? Does the work you do bring you joy and fulfillment, or is it more like the daily grind?

I ask these questions in the hopes of sparking an interest in those of you that want to stop repeating the one year pattern any longer in your life, but maybe don’t see any improvement coming anytime quickly. In his book “The Big Leap”, Gay Hendricks does a great job explaining how we live a life filled with limits, based on our experiences, beliefs and teachings throughout our life. And get this, the thing that determines those limits is OUR THINKING! Our thinking can literally move mountains!

A lot of people don’t think they are limited by their thinking. They attribute their limitless to their situations, circumstances and conditions surrounding them. But it’s their thinking that creates those conditions, situations and circumstances. Whenever I meet someone new going into recovery, I tell them to get a sponsor quickly and the reason is, if they don’t, they will be sponsoring themselves and that’s the person who got them there in the first place. It’s the same with all of us. Every one of my clients comes up against their limits (and usually several times throughout our time working together) and has a perfectly good explanation as to why it is definitely situational driven. What they don’t get in their “right to be right” is growth and expanded happiness, abundance. It’s when I get them to take responsibility for the situation by driving it back to their thoughts that they begin to increase their upper limit!

In closing, I challenge you to take one thing in your current situation, condition or circumstance and purposely use different thoughts about whatever the subject matter is. Instead of thoughts that feed into it as you currently see it, start to have thoughts about what you’d like to see happen or experience, or who you’d like for it to be resolved. Even if it seems fake. Try it for 5 days. Every time it comes up in your thinking, purposely choose the higher thought. I’ll bet you experience a different outcome! I’d love to hear from anyone who takes this to the test!



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