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March celebrates many things such as the birthdays of both my sister, Lorraine and the cherished scribe Dr. Seuss!  Spring is nearly upon us or here depending upon which week of March we are in at the moment. Of course if you are on the other side of the hemisphere from me, you are bidding a fond farewell to summer and about to embrace autumn. March also boasts the acknowledgement of International Women’s Month and March is also Reading Month!  Let us don the party gear and lend an ear. For I am inspired to share something pretty special that is wrapped up in nearly everything I just mentioned.

Reading a fellow blogger’s post the other day I was made aware of an event taking place this month in the City of Des Moines, Iowa (USA). The folks at Visiting Nurses Services will be gathering brand new books with which to gift children who have never owned a book.  Wow, can you imagine never having owned a book…  They are reaching out to authors to send them at least one of their books, autographed with an encouraging message.  These books will then be presented to children between the ages of birth and 17 years of age.  Because the ages range thusly, most authors may wish to participate. They call this Project Storybook.

Of course I am sending a copy of each of my books, Choose and Perspective which may not necessarily be appropriate for the really young but Choose has been understood and enjoyed by those as young as 7 years of age so that is way cool.  Perspective is filled with inspirational verse, rhyme and photos that can be read by those who are just starting out as well as be read to another by someone with more fully developed skills.  I make this point because regardless of what your book (s) are about, don’t let your concern of whether or not someone else might enjoy it hold you back, send the book (s)!

So did I say that what I was inspired to share touched on nearly all of the themes for the month of March?  Yes I did! We are celebrating life, the nature of curious minds, and of course not only my dearest little sister but one of the most beloved writers of children’s books in the history of writing!  Should you be so inspired to join those of us who will participate in this event, here is the address to send your books: VNS of Iowa, Storybook Project  c/o Tabby Kuehl  1111 9th Street  Suite 320  Des Moines, Iowa and they ask that those sending books include a note that says the book is for the project, slip it in between the pages in case the book gets separated from its envelope.  One might also become inspired to start such a project right where you are for I dare say that Iowa is not the only place where there are kids whom we can gift with their very first book!

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