Realiz(ations) – by Bob Rush

Things we have come to know and process become imprints even to the point of touching the soul. My journey to date has been a bit all over the map. A little zig, a little zag, one step forward and three steps back. But, that is okay. I guess perfection might be a bit boring. Over the course of my time here, I am hopeful that I have learned a few things. The journey is in each moment and how we realize the magic in ordinary occurrences. Sometimes the key is a heightened awareness. So, here are a few observations (aka realizations) from the fun so far.

I seek an elegance of spirit. What I mean is to be able to live and strive to reach my highest self. Part and parcel is to live to the Golden Rule. I seek to treat people as I wish to be treated. This is not always as easy as it sounds. There are days I realize that I am only human and there are going to be days when I am not operating at my best self. It is crucial to realize the wreckage and seek the real mosaic of the soul. A jubilee is a celebration of life, spirit and all that is right. Sometimes we need to banish the racket and seek the magic of simplicity and joy. Easy choice.

Fear cannot rule the day. In this day and age so much negativity abounds. It is a matter of slaying that dragon. Demons of our own making are that which drag us into the morass of feeling sorry for ourselves. It is incumbent to each of us not to buy into the trash that is pushed daily. I do not mean to become Pollyanna and just go la la la and not be cogniznant of reality. Awareness is a good thing. I am a huge fan of Little Feat and their founder Lowell George. A great line from the song “Roll Em Easy“, is “eloquent profanities they roll right off my tongue”. It is magic words like these that put my spirit at ease and makes me feel there is real hope for humanity.

I grew up in the beginning of the Disney era. At the time, it was magic, escape, and a chance to just breathe. So many memories come to the forefront. I identify at times with the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. Just a kid wanting to belong but yet shut out. I was bullied in middle school. My nickname was “Hammerhead” because my head is large. It does work, so what the hell The young ladies who did this were extremely cruel, but in the end, it just didn’t matter. Yes, it hurt but was I going to go out and find a new head. (catch my drift) Each of us bring our own unique gifts to the table and we must honor our qualities. Love must always trump hate. Life is a precious gift that should be treasured. Why do we seek to denigrate rather than uplift? What is gained by stepping on another individual’s right to be here.

It is a negative based world we live in. So much hate and so little love. So misplaced. I implore everyone to always seek the good and highest self in each of us. It is about transcending the nonsense to reach a better self and rise above the sublime. so much of this is to not buy into the hate vibes as pushed by so many. Another realization… what matters most is to rise above the chaos and hate and adopt a perspective of love. I pray that we rise above the hate as seen in Charlottesville, Virginia and remember what the founding fathers really meant when they created this nation.

There are times when it is a simple truth that all we need to do is breathe. When I massage a horse, one of the things I look for is that big exhale. It is about be centered and finding that sense of balance. As I walk this journey on this planet, I must honor my perceived path. My best self tells me to always lend a hand, and to uplift all that I encounter, and to be of service.

Another point to realize is that fitness should always be an important and fundamental building block of your life. It is about living your best life. For me, Native Barre, yoga, meditation and walking are the cornerstones of my program. So many health problems come as a result of being sedentary. We must move, move and move so more. Activity keeps us focused and sharp.

Music is the universal language of all emotions, It brings me back to earth and helps me be grounded. During my workouts, it is the music that I can focus on and helps me to push my limits a bit further, When I lose myself in the music, I can definitely push my boundaries further. Music helps me navigate through the insanity of this current life. I feel a bit better about myself and feel the music speaks to me thereby making the journey a bit easier. I am all over the map with music. My iPod has classical, Sinatra, U2, Adele, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers , Coolio, Beatles, Stones and so on. Each has a specific voice and it helps me understand how crucial the tunes are.

My work with horses these past years, has sharpened my powers of insight and observation. I find that when I get a bit squirrely that I if I stop and exhale and calm myself things are good. The horses that I massage let me know if I am not in the zen zone.

To realize, is to awaken and become more aware of the grandeur of life.. It makes us more appreciative of the gifts of the universe. I try each day to operate from as grateful a position as possible. It is a small but powerful gesture that acknowledges that gratitude rules. While I might be truly frustrated at his point, I am thankful for the gifts I do receive.

To realize, is to ascend to that goal of reaching your highest self. My heart aches for all those who suffered through Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Jose. Weather has gone from seasons to extremes. And those extremes are not kind.

To realize is to ascend towards our highest self. I have looked back on my life and accepted my path, The control of my life came as a result of my choices. Not right, not wrong, just is. The path of my life came as a result of the choices I made. Whatever ugly episodes that cast a shadow on my life, it is a result of the choices that I made.

Another revelation…I am soooo blessed to be a part of The Magic Happens. And, yes, I still stand in awe of the collection of authors that have been assembled. I am so humble and only hope my work matches up. To realize, is simply to be that beacon of love and light. Think about all of the torchbearers such as, Lincoln, King, Kennedy, Gandhi and all the others who sought to solely uplift humanity.

Readers, be a light in the darkness, lend a hand, uplift rather than put down, and rise above the petty bullshit. In the end , it is all about love, love and more love.

I bow to the light in each and everyone of you. May you always be blessed. Namaste! and thanks for stopping in.

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This article was written by Bob Rush

Hey gang! I am just a fellow traveler along this journey we like to call life. I am currently in a second career of sorts. Working my passion which is horses. Mostly I am truly into doing bodywork or massage. I feel its the least we can do to such trusting majestic beings. Its my spirituality that gets a boost from their simple but elegant energy. I hope I can share funny moments, aha moments and just insights to make the journey peaceful, fun and of course, full of magic.


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