Realize that You are One with Source – An Interview with Thoth – by Hercules Invictus

Hercules: Greetings Thoth! I am greatly honored that you have volunteered to answer some questions

Thoth: This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this Divine Transmission. It is a delight to be communing with you and all those who will be tuning into this conversation.

Hercules: Can you introduce yourself to us so we can recognize your signature energy?

Thoth: In response to this question here is an excerpt from my latest book, The Tablets of Light.

Recognition of the Signature Energy of Thoth

This is Thoth that is moving more into the forefront of this now moment to continue our conversation within the sacred tablets of Thoth’s Tablets of Light.  Infinite knowledge, scribing, astronomy, architecture, Akashic Records, energy readings, conscious evolution council, healing, art, writing, communication, magic, pattern recognition, soul themes, energy movement, Divine embodiment, hieroglyphic speaking, palm reading, Tarot, the Emerald Tablets, Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Milky Way, Keys of Enoch, Mercury, Hermes, Mercury the planet, blue heron, ibis, egret, ascended mastery, enlivener of dormant consciousness, unlocker of hidden treasures, Divine developer, maze pathfinder, teacher’s teacher, healer’s healer, aligner’s aligner are all energies, frequencies and vibrations associated with me, Thoth.

They have been listed in this format to spark recognition within your system of our connection. This connection is one that’s recognized within your connection to your self.  As you go within and tap into your inner awareness, your inner ibis, your inner sacred text you recognize me, my signature energy. You recognize lifetimes that we have spent together. You recognize codes of energy that are vibrating within you. Recognition is re-cognition in fluid form.”

Hercules: Please tell us about the Akashic Records and your role as Keeper.

Thoth: The Akashic Records are the records of all soul’s incarnations throughout and beyond time and space. You can think of the Akashic Records as a library with different sections to it and within it. Including each individuals Akashic Records as an eternal being and the records of all those who have incarnated as well.

The role that I and Seshat have as Keepers of the Akashic Records is to simultaneously be recording every now moment and also be sharing this consciousness with those that are choosing to access it.

So for example, you can tune into your Akashic Records to access information that can support your soul’s evolution. There is also a used section in the library where patterns and old ways of being can be stored for future generations to learn from. There are also records from other planets, galaxies, civilizations that are also within the Akashic Records. This provides an intergalactic library of consciousness and a coming together of ancient and innovative wisdom for the growth of all that are choosing.

Hercules: What is the Council of Light? Who are the other members and what is the Council’s function?

Thoth: The Council of Light is a intergalactic Council of Light Beings from across the Multiverse whose purpose is to enhance the frequency of joy and to support the greater evolution in consciousness. Each of you who chooses can access your individual Council of Light by requesting to meet your Council of Light and then allowing your sensations.

Hercules: What exactly is the Emerald Tablet of Light and how can it aid us in our evolution?

Thoth: The Emerald Tablets of Light are also a part of the Akashic Records and are accessed and opened when there is an energy influx or out flux. The Emerald Tablets also come forward during times of great change. The most well know Emerald Tablet is “As above, so below, as within, so without.” However, there are many other Tablets of Light, which are also spoken about in the latest book. Including Oracular Vision, Holographic Evolution and Cosmic Choice, to name a few.

These Tablets are vibrational environments which support you in calibrating to yourself as a multidimensional being and accessing your Divine self.

Hercules: What is the purpose of our earthly sojourn?

Thoth: The purpose of your earthly sojourn is as unique as you each are. With that being said there are those among you who are drawn to Divine Transmissions and the Council of Light, whose mission is to innovate a revolution in consciousness for the purpose of resurrecting Divine wholeness.

The purpose of the earthly sojourn as it is expressed in The Tablets of Lightalso brings forward that each individual has simultaneously a unique Divine design and a universal Divine design. The universal Divine design has some areas of purpose that overlap and some capacities, gifts and talents that are the same among many, including intuition for example. The unique Divine design gets more into the individual’s genius, gifts, talents as well as the soul’s evolution.

Hercules: How does our incarnation serve our Divine Self?

Thoth: This is a beautiful question. The incarnation is a unique vantage point that is quite efficient and expansive on the energy and frequency levels of multidimensionality. Meaning that as you incarnate as a Being of Light that take on form, rather than a Being of Light in Light, such as myself, there is an accelerated growth spurt that happens.

To incarnate when you have is also very potent for when you were born it was a time of separation consciousness and now it is a time of unity consciousness. This overlap of two paradigms also amplifies the remembering of the Divine self, through the life experience.

Hercules: What is the Temple of Light?

Thoth: A Temple of Light can refer to many things. One of books is The Temples of Light, which speaks about the energy temple that is connected to the temples in Egypt. You each are also Temples of Light.

Hercules: What is Divine Transmissions and what do you teach at Thoth’s Magic Academy?

Thoth: Divine Transmissions is the umbrella of the consciousness that is Divinely Transmitted/scribed from me and the Council of Light through Danielle Rama Hoffman. Within Divine Transmissions there are many transmissions including books, programs, retreats. The primary one’s are Thoth’s Magic Academy and the Divine Light Activation. Thoth’s Magic Academy is a Year and a Day video course to shift from separation consciousness (fear, lack, holding back) into unity consciousness (love, purpose and abundance). There are many tools which are shared and the primary focus is to be within a daily environment and communication with me Thoth for the purpose of Being You Fully Anchored in Unity Consciousness.

Hercules: What divine insights can you provide for my current course of action, which is dedicated to you?

Thoth: As with all current courses of action there is the natural ebb and flow of activity and expansion. Each now moment positions the next now moment. Your current course of action is a combination of frequencies that is simultaneously inclusive and a tapestry of energies. The combination of energies creates a rapid weaving of consciousness. At times the ebb and the flow speeds up into a simultaneous wave.

Hercules: Thank you very much Thoth, I greatly appreciate your granting this interview.

Thoth: It has been a delight to commune in this way. All is light and you, we are all, Thoth

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(c) Hercules Invictus

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