Realizing Personal Power – by Patty Paul

A human is such a complex being, much like a jigsaw puzzle with an infinite number of pieces.  Our life’s ultimate purpose is to discover those pieces and to understand them, because they are all aspects of the greater, more enlightened and self-empowered being we truly are.  Each of us is a unique spiritual being finding our own way to becoming More, and the quest for self-knowledge is our soul’s desire in lifetime after lifetime.  By realizing our personal power sooner, rather than later, we can expedite our journey.  The biggest hurdle to overcome: Giving our power away.

We inherently want to believe that there is a higher authority – God, Karma, Ascended Masters, extra-terrestrials, etc. – with a master plan in place. That’s how we try to make sense of it all.  How we explain the wonderful and the horrible things that happen.  We want to believe that we will be taken care of, either now or in the future, by those who are wiser and more powerful; that we will be saved from ourselves and extracted from the mess we’re in…which of course we blame on others.

In the male-chauvinist mindset that has permeated and polluted human consciousness for tens of thousands of years, it’s believed that everything masculine is superior to anything feminine.  Every civilization, government, and religious belief system is a structure or institution established from the concept of male superiority…and we all participated in their creation in lifetime after lifetime.

Chauvinism” means one thing is better than another, and that creates separation; the opposite of unity. Chauvinism is part of our personal belief system…at either a conscious or subconscious level.  Its components are aspects of our more limited self.  Chauvinism is not bad or wrong, it just doesn’t work.

Female-chauvinism, or any other kind of “better than-less than” belief system, has the same impact as the male-superiority version.

I have found that opening to these higher truths, letting them in and digesting them leads me to a deeper understanding and ownership of what I’m creating in my life, and what I’ve created in my other lifetimes. That has been a giant step in taking back my personal power.  But “recognizing, acknowledging and owning” is an ongoing process 24/7.

That process includes seeing both the Little Picture: “My personal reality is both an expression and a reflection of the multi-faceted person I am as a human being”…and the Bigger Picture: “The reality playing out on the world stage is an expression and reflection of my multi-dimensional greater self – the More of who I truly am – and the multitude of lifetimes I’ve experienced on my soul’s journey.”

There are many pieces to discover and fit together to begin understanding the extent of our personal power. It is the exciting and fulfilling adventure of a lifetime.  Many valuable sources of empowering information…from books to wise and loving beings…that support the “I create it all” level of self-empowerment are available for guidance along the way.  The trustworthy ones are those that will never request, demand or accept a gift of our personal power.

Choosing to change and seeking help from reliable sources is an empowering first step.

Ultimately…whether in this lifetime or another…realizing personal power means living this truth: “I create my own reality: All of it.  All of the time.”

By standing firmly upon that foundation of self-empowerment, when you change in positive ways, so will your reality.

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One sunny day in July 1985, after the end of another failed relationship, I sat myself down on my couch to figure out what had gone wrong. As I looked back over my life I recognized patterns I’d been repeating over and over since childhood. I realized right then that if my life was going to change, I had to change. In that moment I made a determined choice to find out how and what I needed to change within myself to have the kind of happiness and success I longed for. That profound choice opened a new door. Answers and info began to come my way within 24 hours - and my whole life changed direction. Since that pivotal moment, I have been dedicated to my own growth and change as a unique being on my own journey of self-discovery. Mine has been an accelerated metaphysical path...always seeking higher truths...and it has brought me increasing happiness, success, personal power and freedom. As a published author and public speaker, I love to share what I’m learning and experiencing. In addition to writing numerous magazine and newspaper articles, I authored the book: A NEW SPIRITUALITY: BEYOND RELIGION; and its Spanish translation: INTIMIDAD ESPIRITUAL. Currently I’m writing EXPLORING OTHER LIFETIMES: THE MEMOIR OF A SPIRITUAL BEING, which is expected to be published in early 2018. For more info about me and the feedback from readers, reviewers, viewers and workshop audiences, please visit: My website:; and my Facebook page: “LIVING WISDOM with PATTY PAUL - YouTube video channel” I am honored and enthusiastic to be a new author for “The Magic Happens.”


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