Reflexology Reset You Should Treat your Feet – by Danielle Hughes

Giving your body a treat and helping to reset the natural healing process as well as reset the autonomic nervous system ( flight or fight/rest or digest) is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Everyone needs to find balance, one of my favourite techniques to do this is reflexology.

Reflexology is a holistic technique, based on the concept that there are reflexes that correspond with the structures of the body, organs and glands reflected in certain parts of the body. The most common reflexology is foot reflexology however there are practitioners and teachings on how to manipulate these reflexes from other places like the hands, ears and face.  Through gentle pressure applied over the reflexes it is believed that they can help to relieve pain, decrease stress and help improve circulation to the area, without having to touch the actual affected and sometimes painful part.

The body has an ability to self heal and through reflexology, this mechanism is activated.  Reflexology is a non-invasive and relaxing session that can help to engage the natural healing process.  On an energetic level, reflexology helps to identify and release blocked energies within the body.  The opportunity for the body and mind to relax is important in interrupting the fight or flight feedback loop, many of us are under stress on a daily basis rather than at moments of heightened need- it is important to take opportunities to interrupt the loop because chronic stress can trigger many other health concerns.

As a practitioner of many Holistic techniques, I have the opportunity to be exposed to many different therapies through my network of other practitioners. Reflexology has always held an interest for me and in October 2017 I began my training as a Reflexologist.   I have had the opportunity to both experience this technique and see it help my clients.

Reflexology is  a wonderful technique to aid in the healing process as well as a very relaxing experience. My personal sessions have always been wonderful, within the first few minutes my body relaxes completely and within 20 to 30 minutes I tend to drift off in an almost meditative state.  After the session, my feet felt amazing and I could feel the difference in my body.  My normal complaint being lower back pain, after a reflexology session the discomfort dissipates.

In my clients, I have seen many amazing things happen.  For example, one client was seeing me for several sessions in a row and I noted some differences in her kidney reflex and advised her that there was something in the reflex area.   This client about a week later noticed some abdominal discomfort for a day or so that turned into a radiating pain on her one side. She then went to see her doctor and was tested for a kidney infection- this came back positive and she then got treatment.  It was an interesting case, where it seemed like the body was signalling the possibility of a concern coming on.  Our bodies often give triggers and lets us know things are happening or about to happen. The body has an amazing inherent knowledge of itself.  Since adding reflexology to my practice it has become a favourite among my clients!

If reflexology isn’t for you there are many other techniques out there. Seek out time for your Reset, knowing you are worth it.


**Disclaimer: Reflexology is a relaxational technique. A reflexologist is not a physician and cannot diagnose or treat medical concerns. If you ever have a medical concern be sure to follow up with your primary care physician. Reflexes in the feet can show different energetic signals but these are in no way a form of diagnosis of health or medical concerns.


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This article was written by Danielle Hughes

I have followed many paths and have been blessed to be in contact with many teachers from a young age. I endeavour to bring a fresh perspective to the natural world of Health, Wellness and Spiritual Reconnection. I also have an insatiable need for the written word and from that naturally moved into writing as well! I have been published in several anthology of personal stories and as a guest writer for a local paper and online magazine. I am so excited to now be part of family here at The Magic Happens!


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