Refresh a question of new life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

There is nothing like waking up refreshed after a good nights sleep, or being refreshed after a good vacation, weekend or walking a few hours in nature. The world is full of ads for things that will refresh you, but the best, most efficient and least expensive of them all is “closing down the cockpit!”

Closing down the cockpit
Modern life is a tear and wear situation, the mind in bombarded, we are emotionally thrown back and forth, we are beaten up by the news, we get preservatives and radiations of all kinds. There are so many different kinds of inputs and system overloads.

Take a brake, close your eyes and shut out the news and the net. Go back to basics. Make a priority on the simplest air, that pure original one from nature, the simplest drink, called water. Just take natural foods with least “noise”. Take a fast and let yourself go hungry for some hours or just 24 hours on only water.

All those things of making things as simple as possible as little as possible, but first of all getting enough sleep is what makes you refreshed.

Back to the dark night
Turning of the cockpit, is closing your eyes, shutting out all the external impressions, letting your mind leave the body let it expand to envelope the whole earth and all human kind, before you close down the earth and drift out the solar system, all the way to the galaxy and beyond. Go to a place where there is a deep darkness as you enter into a state of nothingness. And just stay there for as much no-time as you want. Then return gradually all the way back to your body and you will be refreshed.

The Eastern mystery
This kind of meditation or conscious sleep is where you connect to the black dark that dissolves all impurities, turns down all noise and resurrects you like the eastern mystery into new refreshed life. The white cross on the black onyx seemed a perfect symbol.

This is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient way to get refreshed.


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