Release, Believe and Awaken – By Joanna Dumont

Release, believe, and awaken…what is your soul’s origin? Where did you first make contact with physical life? At what point did you decide to manifest into this world, or was it another? Are you an earth angel or did you originate elsewhere?

Listen…what are the questions that come to mind? Where are your answers? How long have you been asking them and for what portion of time have you also been running from them…listen.  Your eternal heart is calling, the one that took its first beat before this life and the one that will survive you and this physical body that you now inhabit. Do not run from my questions for you know they are seeking you, calling your soul forward out of the darkness to manifest your true destiny.

What is it? Where is your purpose? How do you bring it forward? In what time frame, or manner of delivery and with whose assistance? Listen…the words are birthing into existence around you, waiting for you to invite them in, allow them to prosper. They have been awaiting your response, are you ready?

Release the doubt, the fear and the anxiety to the amounting questions building, nagging at the corners of your mind calling you crazy…you are not. This is your soul speaking, are you ready to listen?

I am ready. I am ready to receive. I am ready to make manifest the depth and breadth of my purpose, full throttle with no breaks, boundaries or obstacles. I am ready to bring forth the richness, fullness and exotic intoxication of its inception, let it seep through my consciousness and into every pore of my being, inundate my senses and overfill my emotions, override all common sense and sensibility until it encompasses all of me and leaves nothing standing in its wake, crashing the core of all existence until it finally finds its resting place upon my eternal heart once more…ready to receive its destiny.

Are you ready? What is your heart saying? Are you answering its call? It has been beckoning you for some time now…are you listening?

What does it mean to listen? Is it to pay attention to the audible sounds of your environment? Is it to listen to the woes of your friend’s heart? Or is it to allow the thundering crash of waves to enter into your being? Or is it much more than that?

It is listening to the still small voice inside your heart that I am referring to; the one that knows the answers to all questions in time that have ever been asked or will ever be asked of you. It is the one that softly nudges you when making a decision, or the one that delays your steps just long enough to avoid collision.

It is time for us to shut out the static and outside interference, the noise of relentless hammering of constant instructions, beliefs of others, expectations, competition and the like.  This is nothing new. We have tried it before. But this time do not try, but believe that you can. Believe that you will and believe that it is only you that has the control. Believe that it can be that easy and stop trying to make it so difficult.

The more distractions, issues and obstacles that you experience in your life the closer you are to your Divine Purpose, the closer your Destiny is and what you’re meant to accomplish. You have as assignment on this Earth. It is time you got to it. It is time you allow it to come into your life so that you may express yourself through it, and because of it you will find your answers. You will fill the empty space in your heart that is vacant.  You will connect to the origin of your purpose and breathe into the existence of all souls and become a part of the universe.

For you were never separate. You were never alone and never disconnected. You have been preparing, observing and waiting for your time to come forward.  The time is now and all you have to do is listen and remember.

About author

This article was written by Joanna Dumitrascu Dumont

Joanna is a non traditional therapist, helping women overcome debilitating setbacks, life challenges and emotional barriers that prevent the true self from emerging and living a life based in authenticity, love, joy, happiness and abundance. She is also a 5th generation naturopathic practitioner helping people regain their health naturally and release the need for medication and taking control of one's body, as it's the only place you live!


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  1. Kathleen McCarthy says - Posted: May 5, 2014

    Wow… You ask some deep questions my friend… And yes, ‘your eternal heart is calling.’ Great article Joanna. Please keep them coming!

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