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The Missing Element, by Debra Silverman M.A., bridges psychology and astrology, bringing the energy of the stars to the mental plane.  What I found so interesting with this book, is you do not need to know one degree of astrology. So, put down the calculator and pencil and open yourself to the wisdom of the ancients in your life.

Have you ever noticed that some Aries people are just full steam ahead and matching off to take on the next mountain or how Cancer folks find it hard to get comfortable with you?

Psychology and spirituality are best friends,” says Debra. “Psychology without the cosmic or spiritual angle really doesn’t have the potency that allows people to understand from the biggest picture why they do what they do. Psychology is all about the ego and astrology is all about the soul. I marry the two.aeson-r-01-17a

In her new book, “The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition,” Debra takes this assertion a step further to bring our attention to the backbone of astrology—the four elements: water, air earth and fire. She uses the four elements to tap into the root nature and personality type of each person she works with to help people better understand their role and purpose in this life.

I will not do classical therapy anymore,” Debra says. “We’re just moving the furniture around. And I will not do only astrology, where we’re just gazing at the stars. I am a bridge maker. I combine the two.

Psychotherapist and personality-type expert Debra Silverman has been in practice nearly 40 years using astrology as the basis for her counseling sessions. Her unique methodology has caught the attention of the likes of Madonna and Sting, both of whom have worked with Debra. Her new book, “The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition,” has been named one of the top 10 books to read this year by Aspire Magazine. For more information, visit and check out her YouTube channel to view her many viral videos.

I now completely understand way I seem to be both the mix of fire and earth energy in my life. Also I learned with this book the story and emotion that come from my life into in my life ad this is one of the book you just have to read a few times.

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Aeson has been advising people for over 19 years. He learned what his Psychic gifts were and how to use them at a young age. He then learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand; this gives him the ability to help other people along their path. This has become his mission in life. Tarot reading is as natural to Aeson as breathing is to get a Reading today you, except he has learned to focus in on you and your life, so he can answer your specific questions. He will tell you what he sees for you with no sugar coating or beating around the bush. Aeson will tell you straight up and give clear answers to your questions. He does not do any “smoke and mirror” tricks and he will not waste your time but give you pure truthful information. His reading have help people from around the globe, from the house wife who worried over her marriage to the government leader who worry their choices and what lays in front of them to the business leader who need a little help with where his company is head. They all have come to Aeson not only for prediction. But also life coaching and Intuitive skills Aeson has not only work with his gifts but he continue to study and sharp his psychic abilities then so that not only can he use the gifts that he has been gifted with but also give sound advice, and tools for your life


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