See yourself daily through the other – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

One perspective on life is that there is an omnipotent and omnipresent wholeness, all-ness, oneness or God. We are all a part of this unity and every person you meet can be seen as God playing chess with himself, through you.
If you imagine this all and oneness to also be wise, loving and truthful, you can get an interesting perspective on what others represent in your daily life.

I also like to imagine either God Clapping hands or his immense breath as something unifying or separating everything in cycles and cycles of aeons and aeons. As we evolve cycle by cycle higher beings involve themselves in us so we can evolve. Much the same way the sun light involves with the earth so the earth becomes full of life, love and light.

Sometimes in life we see patterns that repeat themselves again and again in our daily life. Why not ask why God is telling himself through you this again and again? Why not perceive us all as belonging to a bigger wholeness that has an inner healing mechanism?

We all have met persons that experience separation again and again. Separation to such an extent, that an earlier friend or family member do not want to talk to them at all for years or for the rest of their lives. The All, Whole and One God is making these people long for reunification, for connection, for acceptance, for forgiveness and make them adjust by grinding their soul in the loneliness day after day. Some people need to develop the ability to listen to others, not dominate or manipulate. Other people need to learn to take consideration and not force things upon the other abusing their body, mind or soul.

Also, the person suffering has a loving and wise lesson. The All, Whole and One God is just grinding them to become stronger, more alert, vigilant, self-assertive, mature and independent so they can realize their best potential.

It is like two circles, one taking the space of the other and The All, Whole and One God just stimulating the healing from within to make them even.

Every day, daily you are having a new go, carpe diem!

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