Seeds of Strength – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Ever watch someone struggle with a decision? They aren’t sure how they’ll get through their ordeal or what choices to make, so it appears they are standing still. It looks, all the world, like they are in denial or are zoning out instead of taking appropriate action. Yet, I tell you, there is something magical going on inside of them, something so powerful that once we see it, we will be enchanted.

Deep within ourselves, each of us has seeds of greatness. Seeds that will call upon our fortitude and courage to sprout. Seeds that will require nurturing to grow big and strong. Seeds that contain the beginnings of life, perhaps a new life we are destined to live.

In those moments when we observe someone (this could even be ourselves) at odds with their life, perhaps this is that seed attempting to break through in all its glory. Of course, the individual won’t always recognize this because the disorientation or pain may be the predominate energy. Instead of going within the discombobulation for guidance, they try to wrestle it to the ground, to conquer the energy that they perceive, is seeking to destroy rather than enhance. Yes, something may be destroyed in the process of a budding seed, but it leaves in its wake, a fresh start, a new beginning, a new life.

Naturally, most people’s first instinct is to reach out to help the other person through their “dark night of the soul” and rid them of this pressure. Many times, we are invited to do so and other times we feel that our empathic nature is telling us to reach out and fix things. Yet, this may not be what is truly required. In our efforts to demonstrate solidarity and compassion, we may inhibit the process. While some comfort may be felt, on both sides, once the seed readies itself for moving forward, there may be no stopping its growth.

How can we be of service? Is there really anything or anyway we can show our support without blocking the energy flow? Of course!  We can trust that everything in in Divine Order.  We can celebrate the courage of one person to walk through their personal fire. We can allow them to recognize their journey in their own time. We can pay more attention to our own life, our own personal fires and our own Divinity. By doing this, we send the highest part of ourselves to the highest part of them thereby forming a bond of unity. Through that connection, the seed has nourishment to help it grow.  What we see as a struggle, may be someone on the verge of blooming!


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