Seeing with the Seer Within!!- by Shuddaanandaa Brahmachari

“Our eyes don’t see, the Seer is within, peeping through the windows of our eyes to see the universe!”

~~~ Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Eyes are like windows to the world. Eyes cannot see. It is the mind; it is the consciousness, that sees through the windows of our eyes. We are the Seer. Therefore we need to try to see with the eyes of love and forgiveness, for if we see with the eyes of anger and jealousy, hate and disgust, the physical vision will be impaired, and the mind cannot feel at ease.

We create our dis-eases in the mind, through our faulty vision of life. It is easy to get the eyes treated and the vision corrected, but it takes our deepest resolve and continual mindful living to set the inner eye right. Mindfulness is essentially being aware of the Seer and the seen. Eyes cannot see, the Seer within Sees!!

Our eyes cannot see our eyes! The only way we can see our eyes is in the mirror! Spend some time before the mirror, which alone shows the eyes; thank God a million times that we have such beautiful eyes and can see our loved ones and the infinite colors of creation. We can see the spark of light in our eyes, which is the spark of our soul! When we see as the Seer through the eyes of our spirit, we will see nothing but God’s eternal smile that is the ever-changing phenomena of all Her Creations.

In order to experience the Seer we need to look or see something with our deepest contemplation and then we become aware of yet another higher dimension of seeing the Seer. It is as if someone is peeping through the windows of our open eyes. 
If we practice with all our effort we will soon be a person living in peace and calmness. Agitations and anger will no longer disturb us, for the witnessing Self, the Seer within, will beam the Light of the Higher Mind and we will see that all the external happenings, pleasant and unpleasant, are merely transitory.

When we see with the Eye “behind” our eyes, what we see is pure knowledge that is uncontaminated with our conditioned perceptions. That is wisdom. That is what the Seers share with us. That is Yoga. That is something beyond religions.

Wisdom is the Seer and Sage within us. When we see light in the midst of darkness, light even in the shadow, then we know that our inner Sage is helping us; we are in satsang, the Divine Communion with our Self. We just need to open our eyes with awareness and we will only see miracles and nothing else!

We pause, just feel our eyes as windows, and peep into the world outside. The Seer is waiting to be recognized by all of us!

Science can solve all equations – it has perfect answers to everything. Yet, the Seer transcends the scientist by transcending the limited boundary of the intellect to meet the infinite realm of the heart. Science shows the mechanics. The Seer shows the Source. Science dissects. The Seer feels. Science rationalizes. The Seer weeps in gratitude, when the science dies, the heart awakens.

Yes, our heart has Eyes! Through self-contemplation, and being content, helpful, and generous, the heart’s Eyes open up showing us a new world full of light and love. We begin to see with awareness. We become conscious of the inner Experiencer. We learn to see well, see right, and enjoy a loving and peaceful life!

About author

This article was written by Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari is a globally acclaimed spiritual and motivational teacher, author, social advocate, peacemaker and innovative micro-credit leader from West Bengal, India. In 2005, Shuddhanandaa founded the Stress Management Academy (SMA), and began conducting global seminars on breathing, relaxation, meditation and positive thinking for schools, corporations, hospitals, prisons and other venues. He expanded his offerings in 2012 by introducing Courses in Mindfulness (CIM). He has presented his programs to businesses, universities and general audiences in India, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Kenya, Bahrain, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, USA and Canada. Wherever he goes, his vibrant intelligence, fully engaged heart and remarkable presence touch his audience. His presence bears the mark of his years of practice of meditation and relentless service to humanity. He walks the talks. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the S.T.A.R Foundation at the House of Lords, UK, in July 2015. He has authored several books, including Your Mind, Your Best Friend: 30 Days to Building Your Most Important Friendship and Cleaning the Mirror of Mind: Clutter Free Home, Clutter Free Mind, The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi and Finding the Light of Your Positive Mind. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, and is a popular figure on the social media. Devoted to stress free happy living, he has also been regularly giving talk shows on TV since 2014. Websites:


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