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One of the most ancient teachings
across mystical traditions is usually stated, ‘As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.’ I’ve written about this before, but there are always new and continuing examples from real life.
As Above, So Below. As Within, So Withoutif you truly understand one level of reality it will show you hidden parallel realities. And, what is manifested in your physical reality represents what is hidden in your inner reality.


As Above, So Below
As Within, So Without


if you truly understand one level of reality it will show you hidden parallel realities. And, what is manifested in your physical reality represents what is hidden in your inner reality. Deep stuff, but, in a practical way, what does this have to do with clutter and how your home or apartment looks?


Self Storage?


The Chinese science of Feng Shui
suggests that clearing clutter and arranging objects in certain ways will improve the energy of a place and the results in various aspects of your life. I have come to understand that you can actually ‘read’ the clutter to get hints of what is holding you back… as represented by what you have piled where.

When you move there are always at least a few stubborn boxes that you just can’t sort out. My theory of emotional composting states that, when you have processed or let go of the emotions that are symbolized and held by the junk in the box, it will be easy to sort, find places for or throw out the contents.

When I got my apartment after a divorce
I was amused notice that my stack of those boxes was in what Feng Sui identifies as the ‘Relationship Corner’ of my bedroom. I eventually did clear them out and… you guessed it… found a new relationship.

A shaman assumes that everything is conscious and communicates. Everything is data, which you can read and modify to change circumstances.

Does this work in reverse too?

When I made that move, over 10 years ago, I found a small, affordable apartment that was situated to meet my daughter’s needs… safe walking distance to stores and to school. Not far from Mom’s house.

My first career was education. I was a shop teacher. And, along the way I made a living as a painter, a handyman, and other very odd jobs. As you can imagine, I have a lot of tools and materials that would cost a lot to replace. Some of them are, essentially, irreplaceable. And, they have tremendous emotional meaning for me.

So, when I moved, I rented a small ‘self-storage unit’ in which to keep these old dear friends. In this time when I could not have the space to express that creative side of myself I was, literally, storing that part of myself… in a tin box that I paid for every month. That was over 10 years ago. I have spent something like $4,000 storing that part of myself. Self-storage is an apt description.

My daughter is now
going into her Junior year in college and last year I moved to a very old house in the country. Away from the marauding drunk college students in our old neighborhood in a place of natural beauty and, peace. And, a place with an unheated back hallway that allows me to have two extraordinary and wonderful things.

One, is my own laundry machines. Oh joy! I won’t bore you whining about the annoyance of sharing laundry machines, around back of the building, in a moldy dungeon. But, it is gleefully wonderful to just step out the kitchen door and take care of that task.

The other end of the hall has become very special. It is small, but in it I am building the first ‘shop space’ I have had in over 25 years. I took the cast-off desk and craft table from my daughter’s old room, and some other finds, and made workbenches and machine stands. And, last week my neighbor drove me down to the self-storage facility in his pick up truck and we brought all the old friends home!

Yeah… I have my stuff back.
Tools. Hardwood I have been saving. Woodworking machines. All my friends. All those parts of myself as a craftsman and sculptor that were sitting waiting in ‘self-storage.’ In a very basic way, I am whole again. At this point I sometimes just go back there and say ‘welcome home. I really missed you.’ I wonder what we will do together, now…

It will take time to get it all organized and usable. I’m sure there will be a ceremony / ritual that will become clear to me to honor this moment. I shamanic terms, this is a soul retrieval. Bringing back and reintegrating a part of myself that was left behind in a traumatic event.

How will the rest of my life change as I re-integrate this aspect of myself? What else will be able to come home and create home?

I am excited to see how it unfolds.

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