September is National Self Care Awareness Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben

Seems like we cannot turn around without hearing about another reason to celebrate the current month or day. Naturally, I am going to tell you about one of the newest reasons to celebrate through participating and that is National Self-Care Awareness Month. This is its first official year, so why not kick it off in style!

Of course, we should we taking care of ourselves regardless of whether or not there is a “national” reason. Yet, so many of us put self-care on the back burner. We put ourselves at the bottom of the priority list, ranking children, spouses, employers, etc. at the top. Now, I could say that I don’t get this, but I fully understand. Children need our help. Spouses require support. Employers look for us to give our best. However, if we are not making our well-being top priority, we might find ourselves weakening under the pressures and end up being pretty much useless to everyone, including ourselves.

In 2017, it was established that September would be National Self-Care Awareness Month. So, here we are in 2018 and ready to embrace the task at hand. Because we are individuals, each of us will have an idea of what self-care means. To some, it might mean, eating better. Others would put physical fitness at the top of their list. Maybe, for you, it’s learning to say “no” to everything from invitations to parties to requests to join groups. Being aware is the key. Being aware of what doesn’t work so well for you can help you generate a list of ways you can flip being aware into self-care.

Self-care doesn’t have to cost you a dime, not one penny. Waking every morning and giving your body a couple good stretches will help you move better once your feet hit the floor. So, now that your feet are on the floor and you are moving about, why not head to the nearest mirror and give yourself a great big SMILE! As you are smiling, look into your eyes and say, “I love you.” If you don’t believe those 3 things could do wonders for you, try, just try. Try for the 30 days of September and watch how much better you feel.

Should you desire to take this a step further, grab a workout video and spend time in your “home gym.” You could find what you are seeking at your local library, which means there will probably be no charge. All it will cost you is your time. Yes, I realize that time is money but if you don’t invest in your health, you could be losing a lot more than time.

Giving yourself time away from the pressures of home, family and work would be terrific. If you ask around, you are sure to find everything from painting classes to dancing lessons being offered in your community. Book a massage, get a pedicure, go for that new hairstyle you’ve been considering or take yourself out to dinner and a movie.

Believe it or not, there is a Facebook Group set up for this month and they are offering a 30-Day Challenge to help us stay on track. Why not check them out and find a community of others who have the same focus. Here is the link to their EVENTS PAGE for the Challenge:

Here is an idea for you. Take a pad of sticky notes and a jar. Each day that you do something good for yourself, write it down on the sticky note. Fold it up, put it in the jar. Watch as that jar fills up all month. Now, here’s the cool part. As this is meant to kick start us into taking better care of ourselves from this point forward, each day, beginning next month, pull out a note and do that thing again. Then put the note into a new jar. Of course, you can always add more cool things to sticky notes and fill a new jar from which to pick. Before long, you will have so many great choices that the excitement alone will lift your spirits.

I would be honored if you would FOLLOW my blog all this month ( and beyond if you care to) as I am posting an activity each day to help you realize and OWN your worth!  Here is the link to the first post, then visit the calendar on my blog each day, for the next Activity!

Awareness of self-care is only the beginning and perhaps you have been inspired to take it that step further. Let’s make the most of the life we’ve been given.

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