Signs & Seasons an Astrology Cookbook – a review by Annette Rochelle Aben

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you blended astrology and food? Well, wonder no more, because Artist, Amy Zerner, Astrologer, Monte Farber and Chef, John Okas have created a remarkable resource that does just that, with their book, titled:

Signs & Seasons, an astrology cookbook. ©2017

ISBN: 978-0-06-246134-6

Published by HarperCollins Publishers, 195 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

This book is more than recipes and sun signs.  As the journey begins, we are treated to an explanation of seasonal cycles of eating using astrology as the common thread. You do not need to know anything about astrology to understand this information. Those with anything from a working knowledge to an extensive background in astrology however, will be cheering over the logic of this section.

The very next chapter outlines each sign’s eating, cooking and entertaining propensities. So, let’s say you are dating an Aries and want to know how to impress with everything from setting the mood to preparing the food, this section is a great place to begin. Of course, as there is detailed information about each of the twelve signs, you are bound to learn something about your own sign too!  Imagine, being able to blend the energies together to create a harmonious meal. Winner/winner, astrology influenced dinner!

Without any further ado, we are turning to the pages of the mouth-watering recipes. Recipes are divided into seasons, staring with Spring.  Each season offers 3 recipes in 8 different categories.  Starters, Salads, Pasta, Vegetarian, Seafood, Meat, Sides and Desserts.  So, you have 24 recipes for each season.  There is one recipe in each category for each of that season’s astrology signs. This means, you could create an entire meal for a specific astrology sign by being able to choose your courses.  Maybe you just want to make a dessert for a party, there are three choices in each season. Signs & Seasons delivers a total of 12 different recipes in each of the 8 categories.

Let’s talk FOOD!

In Spring, the recipes that caught my eye were, Roasted Black Cod with Sesame Spinach, Tagine of Chicken with Potato, Preserved Lemon and Apricot and Carrot Cupcakes! Once I got into Summer, I was excited to find recipes for Chorizo Stuffed Figs, Haricot Verts and New Potato Salad and Golden Turmeric Chicken. In the Autumn section, I bookmarked, Butternut Squash Lasagna, Apple Stuffed Pork Tenderloin and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Winter had me dreaming of White Bean – Parsnip Dip, Cauliflower-Potato Curry with Spaghetti Squash and Hazelnut Sweet Potatoes.

Even though most of these recipes are not specific to my particular sign, Signs & Seasons explains that our eating changes as we go through the seasons. So, even if you are a Scorpio, you will find your tastes shifting with the energy du jour. And yes, you can certainly make your favorites any time of the year, but with the influence of this book, you may just find some new favorites.

What are as enticing as the recipe titles, are the beautiful, color photos!  Each dish has a perfectly composed picture that practically jumps off the page and into your senses. (can we say Turkey Saltimbocca?)

Monte Farber is responsible for the amazing photos of the food along the pictures of his wife, Amy Zerner’s remarkable original artwork. Because Farber and Zerner wanted everything about Signs & Seasons to be perfect, they took 2 years to ensure a quality product. They enlisted the help of long-time friend, Chef John Okas, who contributes his expertise from the culinary world, along with his success as a published author of a cook book and several novels.

It is clear, that the coming together of these 3 amazing talents, is the perfect recipe for creating Signs & Seasons, an astrology cookbook.  They each bring their love of food, family recipes, and love for life to the table. And now, you can add this book to your personal collection as well as to give this book as a gift.

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