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What a wonderful word…… ‘Sleep’.  So soothing!

In my two worlds, I use the word sleep, regularly.  For my hypnosis practice, I use the word sleep to have my clients go into a deep hypnotic rest. Some people are not comfortable with the word trance, but sleep or rest they find natural and acceptable. I anchor the word sleep in the first session I have with them, so that when, or if, I have more sessions with them, I’m able to put them into hypnosis quickly, bypassing a lengthy induction.  Yes, there are almost instant inductions but I’m far more comfortable taking time with a new client to have them relax and have a real sense of security.  So, as I speak to them, their conscious mind goes into a hypnotic state, not sleeping, but very close.  Clients ask me if they were asleep.

I ask them ‘Did you open your eyes when I counted from 1 to 5 and said that when I got to 5 their eyes would be wide open and feeling fine in every way?’

They say ‘Yes.’

I tell them that if they had gone to sleep, when I said 5, they would not open their eyes wide.  But, You opened your eyes, so, what you experienced was hypnosis.



A hypnotic sleep is what we see, especially with dogs, as they are aware of things that are happening around them and wake when something attracts their attention.  I  heard long ago that dogs sleep with one eye open, but they have just put themselves into a hypnotic rest!

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A hypnotic sleep is not as long as a nightly sleep, but most often, it is far more efficacious, as while you are totally relaxed your subconscious mind is drinking in only positive suggestions that are eliminating limiting beliefs.  You don’t get that with your nightly sleep….. but you do get a rest that allows your subconscious mind to do all the filing of thoughts and experiences of the day and the restoration of the body at the cellular level.

My clients leave much different than when they arrived!

All I can say is I love what I do!!!


My other world, is in my head, where stories come and make themselves at home.  Sometimes, it is me that succumbs to sleep, other times it comes up in the stories.

The one story that comes to mind where sleep is very important is the story of ‘Gertrudie, the Tooth Fairy’.  She works very hard being the purveyor of the pearl gems, we know as baby teeth.  The children, she purchases the teeth from, need to be sleeping when she arrives for her magic to happen.

Gertrudie has worked for many, many years and Tooth Fairy Head Office wants to promote her to a desk job.  Head Office officials feel she works too hard and needs more rest.  This story is how one Fairy finds ways to carry on doing what she loves to do.  It shows children (the big children, too) that there is always a way!  If you can’t get in the front door, there is a back door, or a window or maybe you have to dream up a new kind of door!

This story will be published later this year.  I think at this point I will name it –

Gertrudie, The Tooth Fairy,

Where is the Door!

Well, my lovely sojourners, it is late and the word ‘Sleep’ sounds so very delicious to me, so I will bid you a Good Night.  Sleep Well!

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My name is Cheryl Butterworth, I’m a Canadian. I love breathing fresh air, I love living in my dream world. My passion is seeing people become who they have always been meant to be. I'm a professional Consulting Hypnotist and with this gift, I help the big people. My other passion is writing stories for children that have good morals and values. The stories are not just entertaining but I try to slip in educational information, that will give that little bit of an edge to the youngster, so that they have something to converse with, to someone either older or just one of their peers. I try to make the stories interesting not only for the children but also for those older children, also known as adults, who will hopefully have to read the stories over and over, because they are the child's favorite story! I live in Canada, where the Polar Bears and Inuit live, but I now live in Calgary, far south of all that excitement. I did live in Yellowknife NWT, which is very much closer to the Polar Bears! That is where 'The Ice Dogs' book series came about with two of my friends, Iceberg and Ice Cream, who have adventures in this beautiful area of the world. I feel if we are nice and have love for others and do kind deeds, what one would call the Golden Rule and we allow our spirits to be soft and gentle, one by one, the world will change to be what it has always been meant to be, a place of love, safety and beauty. It may be a dream, but that dream came from somewhere, probably the Creator of the Universe.


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