Slow Down, Curves Ahead! – by Dean Nelson

You may be thinking that the title of this article is directed toward a man who is being told by his woman to slow down during foreplay. I have been urged to slow down in that setting before, however, my wife has also told me, more times than I can count, to slow down, period! Meaning, slow my life’s pace down.

My tendency has always been to move and walk fast, perform duties fast and think fast. That last one gets me into more trouble than the others. When I think too fast and react instead of respond, then my decisions usually become less than desirable.

At this moment, while writing this article, I am recovering from hiatal hernia surgery. The procedure is named Nissen fundoplication and involves wrapping the upper portion of the stomach around the esophagus and attaching it to the diaphragm. Besides accessing the surgical point through my throat and down my esophagus, six incisions were made in my abdomen.

The surgery went well and only required one night in the hospital. I will be on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks and that is really not so bad.

What I am leading to is the fact that I have been forced to slow down this week. I cannot move or walk fast. It hurts! My body is telling me to move slow or else. It’s very much like participating in a sustained walking meditation. Every movement and step is done deliberately with mindfulness.

Even though it seems that I have wasted so much of my “vacation week” in recovery, not being able to get out of the house and enjoy my time off as I would have wanted, it has been a time to reflect and practice present moment awareness on a scale that I have not taken the opportunity to do before.

I am grateful for the chance to slow down and take a fresh, different perspective on my situation. The surgery has given me cause to experience life in a contrasting manner. I understand more fully the benefit of slowing down and viewing life in a mindful, deliberate way.

There may be curves ahead that slow us down on our path but, we should welcome them with open arms. Sometimes, the events we consider as negative, ultimately have the most positive outcomes. Every day is a learning experience. I love life!

Dean Nelson


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This article was written by Dean Nelson

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