Snowflake! – by Cheryl Butterworth

I’m so excited to be writing to you… and about Snowflake!

There are many snowflakes in my life at the moment!  Like billions of them!  It is -23 degrees below 0 Celsius and we have at least a foot of light fluffy snow.   Now that is cold, but not unbearable.  Where I live, the climate is dry, so the cold does not go to the center of your bones and stay there, no matter how you try to evict the unwelcome lodger!!  Now saying all that, we have sunshine that is so brilliant it makes each snowflake glitter, so much so, you are completely dazzled!  What are needed on the sunny days with all the snow are Inuit snow goggles, the oldest sunglasses in the world, without the glass.


These wonderful little inventions stopped the Inuit or Eskimo people of the Arctic from snow blindness.  They were made from bones, walrus tusks, sometimes call ivory or caribou antlers.


Maybe what we just need are the sunglasses of today!



When I saw the word Snowflake, my heart leapt.

One of my characters is called Snowflake.  Snowflake is very special, she is part of a team, she is accepted and loved because one little fairy had a mission.  That mission?  No one would feel alone or unworthy.

Snowflake came into being in ‘Oyster Bay Ballet 2’, the second book in the Oceana series.  Oceana was my first little fairy that I wrote about and it was her dance that was called the ‘Oyster Bay Ballet’.  The second book is about Oceana’s second year at Fairy Summer School.  ‘This is where the little fairies learned all sorts of arts, like music, dancing, choreography and painting, all sorts of things to inspire their imaginations.’

The second year brought two new little fairies, who Oceana took literally under her wings.  When she asked what their names were.

The first one said, “I’m Crystal Ice.  I’m from Yellowknife, far in the north, where there is more ice than snow and it is crystal clear.’

The second little fairy said, “My name is Snowflake and I am from Alaska, where there is more snow than ice, and sometimes the snowflakes are as big as a man’s hand.  Did you know each snowflake is different?  No two are the same.’’

Oceana laughed and then said,  “I’m going to call you the Ice and Snow Fairies.’’ So this is where the Ice and Snow Fairies originated.
This is a story that shows what the Golden Rule is all about.  ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’  This is where Oceana took the two little bewildered and apprehensive fairies and held them in great esteem showing them how wonderful they were and what they were capable of.  They became friends forever, having many adventures, with stories to tell the world.


Cheryl Butterworth


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My name is Cheryl Butterworth, I’m a Canadian. I love breathing fresh air, I love living in my dream world. My passion is seeing people become who they have always been meant to be. I'm a professional Consulting Hypnotist and with this gift, I help the big people. My other passion is writing stories for children that have good morals and values. The stories are not just entertaining but I try to slip in educational information, that will give that little bit of an edge to the youngster, so that they have something to converse with, to someone either older or just one of their peers. I try to make the stories interesting not only for the children but also for those older children, also known as adults, who will hopefully have to read the stories over and over, because they are the child's favorite story! I live in Canada, where the Polar Bears and Inuit live, but I now live in Calgary, far south of all that excitement. I did live in Yellowknife NWT, which is very much closer to the Polar Bears! That is where 'The Ice Dogs' book series came about with two of my friends, Iceberg and Ice Cream, who have adventures in this beautiful area of the world. I feel if we are nice and have love for others and do kind deeds, what one would call the Golden Rule and we allow our spirits to be soft and gentle, one by one, the world will change to be what it has always been meant to be, a place of love, safety and beauty. It may be a dream, but that dream came from somewhere, probably the Creator of the Universe.


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