Sowing Comes Before Reaping – by Debbra Lupien

We humans too often get this manifesting thing all backwards.

We focus on the having the abundance. We want what we want, and we want it NOW!

That’s putting the cart before the horse, which doesn’t work for obvious reasons.

You reap what you sow. If there’s no sowing, you can forget about reaping. More focus on sowing, would serve us quite well.

Most of us have heard tales of the highly spiritual, enlightened masters who live on air, and have the ability to manifest objects right in their hands.

They’ve achieved the ultimate in energetic alignment, which means it’s possible for you and me. However, it takes a great deal of sowing to reap those results. What we don’t see are the years of diligent work and inspired action they’ve put in to reach this state of being.

Raising your vibration to manifest with ease is a process. Being goal-oriented humans, we’d much rather skip ahead to the delicious manifestation. It’s simply our nature.

You might think it would be oh so sweet to have your thoughts manifest instantly, but have you paid attention to your thoughts? If some of that stuff were to manifest instantly you’d create chaos instead of utopia.

The hard reality is that most of us haven’t developed the discipline of thought, nor taken enough inspired action to reach that level, and that’s okay.

It’s a journey and we have much to learn. We have the example of other’s successes to demonstrate the possibility. Now it’s up to us to put in the required effort, or not. It’s always our choice.

One powerful action you can take immediately is to focus on being more conscious in the moment. That will allow you to recognize breadcrumbs from your guides, which leads to more opportunities to take inspired action. Yes, now you’re getting into the groove!

You won’t shift into more consciousness overnight. It takes discipline and time, but little by little you can make that shift, and then, oh baby, get ready for the fun to begin.

The marvelous truth is that your guides usually present you with more than one option. You get to choose the one that feels best at that moment in time.

Once you decide, get moving as quickly as possible. When you dilly dally around in a state of indecisiveness energy stagnates, life gets harder. If you want to manifest faster, be on the lookout for inspired action and then move!

Taking inspired action magnifies your efforts. It’s then that the doors open, the lights change to green, you’re in alignment with your soul. Energy flows effortlessly and thoughts can manifest.

At this point I must emphasize that as you work through this process of becoming more conscious and taking swift inspired action, you will be raising your energetic vibration.

Higher vibration = more rapid manifestation. That means way more responsibility and discipline over your thoughts.

Let me share a personal experience to illustrate the point.

Not long ago I was thinking to myself “I need a new computer. I want a new computer.”

That thought crossed my mind several times over the period of about a week and a half.

I wasn’t thinking in terms of manifesting, just noticing that it was time to start getting my act together and plan for the purchase of a new computer. However, because I’ve been on this journey for a while and my vibration is higher than in days gone by, I manifested a new computer in less than two weeks.

To be more precise, I manifested the circumstances that lead to getting a new computer. But, and this is a big but, I hadn’t been specific in my thoughts so what I manifested was my old computer dying which forced me to get a new computer, ready or not. Then of course there was the challenge of recovering lost data. Talk about a wake up call!

In retrospect I have to chuckle about the circumstances. I did manifest exactly what I said I wanted and everything worked out well in the end albeit more painfully than necessary.

It was a huge lesson about being more conscious of my thoughts. Okay, message received loud and clear!

So, the point of this meandering tale is that in our every day lives it’s important that we be in a more conscious state.

Then manifestations will begin appearing before us with seemingly little effort. As highly-conscious souls that’s the standard we’re striving for.

 One final anecdote:

Today as I was musing over what to write for you this month, inspiration came to take new action.

You see, I needed to take my truck in for servicing and my usual ride home was not available.

What to do, what to do?

I needed to get this done today. I had a full schedule, and this was presenting an obstacle.

After pondering the options, I was inspired to take the truck, drop it off, and walk back home. After all, it’s only about a mile and a half and I could use the exercise.

It was perfect. I could take the walk and on the way ask my guides for inspiration about what to write you. I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?

Who’s ready to invest some of their precious time in sowing for the future?

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This article was written by Debbra

Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed, is a bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Akashic Records Expert. She specializes in helping highly conscious individuals connect with their inner wisdom and power to turn shortcomings into super powers, find their soul purpose, and create more meaningful lives. Her book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to you can be found on (


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