Spiritual Literacy Month – by Annette Rochelle Aben

What does it mean to be spiritually literate? Have you ever thought about this? I didn’t until I was checking out the handy dandy listings online of celebrations held in the month of December. While there are many National and Internationally designated days for worthy causes listed, this is what caught my eye.

December is Spiritual Literacy Month

At first, I thought perhaps they were referring to reading spiritual books. After all, it would make sense. However, a bit of research into the topic found that this is not the case. Basically, this is an opportunity for us to recognize the connection we have with the energy of spirit within all life.

So, how would we do that, recognize the connection between our spirits and those of all life? Through our senses. Do we feel the peace within our energy? Can we hear the sweet songs nature sings?  Are we able to sense the pulse of life in a rock or the bark of a tree?  Is the taste of love an apple offers apparent?

This is powerful.

The idea of spiritual literacy has nothing to do with religion. In fact, one might call this an inter spiritual practice or lifestyle. Age plays no role and neither does gender. Anyone of any race or financial status can experience the wonder of spiritual literacy. One simply must want to become more deeply aware of the oneness of all life to begin to explore the possibilities.

What would the energy of this world be, if we decided to allow a part of ourselves to connect to the similar part in another life form? Might this mean that we would find a kindred spirit every and anywhere? Finding kindreds could lead to us realizing that is it our sameness that is what matters, not the “I’m better than you, so I need to control you and your behaviors” energy that gives us a false sense of power. It might mean that we can drop our defenses and be open to happiness.

We could love and let live.

December is a grand time to begin a practice of spiritual literacy. Try sitting in a space of quiet, as quiet as you can arrange, and simply notice the energy flow. If you can, do this outside in a place where there are trees or flowing water. Those songs of nature may appear subtle at first. You may feel you are imagining things but don’t try too hard, let it come naturally. Bit by bit, you will find yourself able to identify the difference between the breeze traveling through a pine tree versus a deciduous tree. With your eyes closed, you will be able to tell if the bird wings you hear are those of a robin or a starling. This is you beginning to develop your spiritual literacy.

As time goes on, you will find yourself seeking more ways to connect through spiritual literacy. Soon, you will be aware of the hearts beating even when there is no apparent life form nearby. A sense of peace will wash over you the more deeply connected you become. A life of purpose and passion will express itself through you with every breath.

Laying the groundwork now, for a life you look forward to living every moment of every day, is a beautiful gift. You are worthy of this gift and all of nature awaits your recognition of its love. Explore, Spiritual Literacy and be amazed at what you discover.

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