Spirituality of An Elder In Memories – by Marie Pollnow

Memories can be many things.  I found in conversing with elders, memories were a delight at times.  Sometimes it would make them sad yet many of them took pleasure in sharing fun memories with me.  I will list just a few that I can think of and I definitely have my own memories that bring me joy.  Roy used to reminisce on his days as a copy machine salesman and how good he was at it.  He loved what he did, had great relationships with his clients and felt tremendous pride in providing for his family.  He also spoke of the times he was physically fit and strong and did all kinds of work around the house.  He was a fix it kind of guy.  That was something he never lost.  Even though his body no longer allowed him to do what he used to he really enjoyed stories of the past.  Then there was Joe.  He had great fun in sharing his time as an Army Ranger diving into the ocean, the folks he worked with and his job he had at a factory.  He told me some touching stories of how he and his family had arrived from one of those eastern block countries and as a young married man he allowed his sister, husband and brand new baby to live with them to help them out.  That was a beautiful thing.  He smiled when he told me his sister’s baby slept in a dresser drawer for a while.  Love held them together.

I touch more on the memories that bring joy to the heart, gleams to the eye and smiles to the face.  There were funny stories and there were heartwarming stories.  Ruth enjoyed telling me about all of the beautiful Christmas get togethers she and her family had every year.  She was in charge of all the food to be prepared.  She was an awesome mother and a great homemaker.  She was the matriarch and her husband the patriarch and there was great love and respect.  She beamed as she told me about the grand kids, the cookies, the games, music and love in all of it.  It was a beautiful thing and hopefully not a dying art.

Whether it was Flo, Ruth, Roy, Joe, or Carl the memories always had the same theme, it made them feel good.  It brought them back to happiness and virility.  It reminded me of the ever powerful theme of love.  In my opinion, love is spirituality.  Some of the best health care practitioners I have worked with know what real life is all about and that includes Certified Nursing Assistants, nurses and doctors.  There are so many people who truly care about others.  That is the healing power all over the world.

What I have learned from elders and memories is that there are reflections in our society that celebrate it all.  Nursing homes have shows with Elvis impersonators.  I have seen elders with serious dementia light up when Elvis got on stage.  I have seen men in their 90s cry when their children come to visit.  I have witnessed nurses and healthcare workers fight upper management to make sure the Music Programs stay in the nursing home.  Music is well known to revive memories.  It is actually quite miraculous.

Never assume an elder is all the way gone when they have dementia they will surprise you over and over with bringing up a memory or different year out of the blue.  Overall, I have seen the healing power of memories and I believe we can all relate to this.  Good memories are sometimes like a fuzzy warm blanket that makes us feel warm and loved and what is better than that?


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I love animals, magic, love and peace. I believe in Universal Laws, love Metaphysics, dabbling in Magick, crystals, herbs and creating things from nothing. My favorite place to be is in nature. I don't believe in this mamby pamby career restrictive thinking. I am a Truther... proud of it. I love writing and am so grateful to be here, woo hoo! My future goals are to write several books of a spiritual nature, take a foot out of the grid... in other words not out of the grid 100% just a little out. I believe in vibration, intention, allowing, growing and loving. I also believe we all should stand in our truth and value ourselves. Never let someone else determine your worth. I am still learning on this journey of life and looking for my partner, love and conspirator to walk this path with me, I like to exercise as well, it is life energy. Animals are my friends and you might catch me reading a book on witchcraft. Don't be scared!! - Love and Light!!- - Restricted thinking, restricted life. Expansive thinking, expansive life. ~Marie E. Pollnow.


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