Star light, star bright – by Annette

Wishes are powerful things.  We can live and die by whether or not they come true.  Some people wish with their eyes closed tightly, hands clasped in prayer and their entire being vibrating with desire. Some people wish with their eyes open wide, hands grasping at everything they see and moving so fast as to include everything for it might be something that will make that wish come true by accident. The power of a wish can change a person forever.

Do you wish for things?  Perhaps a particular item that you have always wanted to have or something you want to give someone else?  Maybe you wish for the money to buy that which you desire or maybe you wish for the price of something to be in alignment with your budget.

Do you wish for the intangible? Love? Happiness? Perhaps, peace of mind is your grandest wish.

Wishes are powerful things because of the power we give them. It is said that all wishes have the ability to come true, provided the one wishing puts enough belief into the wish. When two or more come together in support/belief of the same wish, that becomes a game changer.

In the end, what is more powerful, that fact that you have a wish or that the wish actually comes

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