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What to do, what to do.  Ever find yourself wandering around looking for something to do with all those thoughts floating, seemingly aimlessly in your mind?  Yeah, me too. It can be pure torture if one has no pen or paper handy. Of course having paper doesn’t really help, unless you are an origami wiz. Having pen and no paper is not so much an issue, since there is usually skin, table tops or walls nearby. What to do, what to do…

As luck would have it, I found my answer in a place where words hang out. Yup, at my local library, I found a solution to my aimless wandering. It seems that the entire month of April, they are accepting submissions from local folk to be considered for publication in an anthology titled: Westland Writes 2016. (I live in the City of Westland, Michigan, so the title makes sense). This is, of course, in celebration of National Poetry Month 2016. Well by gosh, that suits me just fine for several reasons. First, I am a local folk type person. Second, I have all these thoughts seeking a home! Match made in publishing heaven I am thinking.

What are they looking for? Poetry or short stories I have been told. Again, winner/winner author’s multi-course dinner!  I happen to be a poet and as such, am submitting two (count ‘em) two poems for consideration.  As I have learned, this is all they will allow from each writer. Guess I could give them a story and a poem. I could. I won’t. But I could.

So, how about you? You are reading this in April of 2016, right? Is there a local library where you live? Have you a quick little minute to contact them and see if they are hosting a project such as this in celebration of National Poetry Month? I would if I were you.  It would certainly give all those words in your head a home, and you, something to do! Submit, you know you want to...

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