Summer Breeze ~ Breathe – by Angela Horne

I slowly opened my eyes this morning to the sun peeking in low in the east, glaring into the bedroom. Ah yes, I remember today is going to be very warm today. The warmest day yet this year and it only mid May.  I roll over and start to make my way out of bed, a little voice whispers, “Walk, let’s go for a walk”.  “Okay then, walk it is”, I reply. Let’s go outside and greet the day.

I honestly can not remember the more beautiful spring day in May, as it is today.  My heart is singing today in gratitude for listening to the voice that said “Let’s go for a walk.”  More importantly, I listened.

I love the warm breeze on my face as the sun tries to penetrate the well worn smile I am wearing this morning as I stroll into the unknown adventures of my day.

I decide to stroll the neighborhood this morning, across the open path onto the next street into my morning walk.  With wide open eyes, I am loving the the smell of the fresh dew on the grass and the pollen in the air. I again, am grateful for being able to freely breathe the fresh summer breeze.

My morning scenic adventure starts off slow and steady taking in all the beautiful flowers, tulips, daffodils, crocus everywhere with the most delicious vibrant colours like a artist’s pallet before they paint. Inspiring, indeed.

The birds are singing, the crows are squawking, and the neighborhood dogs are barking, all in perfect harmony with each other. It’s as if they are all fiction from a movie screen. Each one has a part to play in the orchestra of morning nature songs being played and knowing my ticket is a life time box seat.

Then returning home, feeling refreshed and fulfilled, a small herd of bunnies, surprised me by running out as if to say hello.  They barely notice me at first as they run around in circles chasing each other as if it is their only business of the day.

Until next time, enjoy everyday with a breath of gratitude.



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This article was written by Angela Horne

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