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As a child I attended Greek Parochial School for eight years. This provided me with a comprehensive bi-cultural education, for which I remain forever grateful. Roughly half our day was spent on Hellenic subjects such as Greek language, history, culture, religion, philosophy, and mythology

Though I found my deepest resonances with classical myths and folk practices, I was also quite devout and started reading through the Old Testament, the Apocrypha and the New Testament to see what I could learn. Though much of it was familiar, I was quite surprised to discover that there seemed to be an obscure level of lore that was truly mythic.

It appealed to me immensely, and hinted at a different way of interpreting both the War in Heaven and the Titanomachy. The riddle of the Sons of God and what appeared to be references to a Biblical pantheon intrigued me the most. And I couldn’t really see how the actions of the God of Abraham proved him morally better than the Olympians, who unapologetically exercised power simply because they could,

I prepared a list of questions and eagerly awaited our next Religion class. The impatient response I received from our Instructor was that I obviously misunderstood what I had read. So I read it again, and added more questions to my list. This time around I was sternly advised to stop reading the Bible, as my unsupervised explorations were leading me towards Heresy.

And thus began my apostasy from the Greek Orthodox Church and its doctrines.

By the time I reached High School I no longer considered myself a Christian at all. I still retained an interest in certain portions of the Bible however, especially the times described in Genesis, Judges, and the reign of Solomon.The Sons of God, the Tower of Babel, the race of giants, the Ark of the Covenant, and the hidden pantheon remained topics of great interest and enthusiastic conversation. And I read any book or article I could find that dealt with these topics.


The Ancient Astronaut/Alien Theorists produced lots of new material, but still left those waters rather muddied. Translations of Gilgamesh, Near Eastern Mythology, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic Texts helped fill in more than a few blanks.

Decades later: Enter Michael S. Heiser. I stumbled across him on YouTube and was immediately captivated by what he was saying. Though I am not a scholar, I am very well read. He most certainly knew a great deal about these subjects, so I started visiting his website and watching more videos. He was clearly a Christian, and seemed to be primarily addressing a Christian audience, but he provided answers that finally made sense to me.

In Dr. Heiser’s book, Supernatural, he clearly explains what the Elohim actually are, and reveals the supernatural viewpoint of the Good Book, which is hidden in plain sight – exactly where I had innocently found it years ago. We have been conditioned to ignore it, and thus we do, or have done so up until now.  I don’t want to deprive folks the pleasure of reading this elegant work, which I believe that EVERYONE who is even remotely interested in, or affected by, the Bible should read. The riddle of the Sons of God, the Divine Council of the Elohim, a simple context for understanding the purpose of Christianity, and the Biblical God’s Plan… all rendered clear and understandable.


I greatly respect Michael for not apologizing for God’s Plan, or diluting it in any way. He doesn’t whitewash it either. Take heed: It is a frightening plan for those who do not surrender themselves to it completely. And once seen, it cannot be unseen.

Though my heart belongs to Mount Olympus and with the Gods of my Fathers, my issues with Christianity and the Abrahamic worldview have long since passed and I’ve grown increasingly more Interfaith with my spiritual activities over the years.

Thank you for opening my eyes Michael, and for answering some long-standing questions of great import to me. I am greatly looking forward to reading the expanded volume, The Unseen Realm, and interviewing you on VOICE OF OLYMPUS.


(c) Hercules Invictus

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