Take The Long Way Round – by David Little

Recently I went on a road trip with my partner and her family through the vast and beautiful countryside in Western Canada. This is a trip I have done many times in my life (as recent as last year) and I never get tired of the scenery.

What it did make me realize, was when you take a fresh pair of eyes or in this case five fresh pairs of of eyes, it gives you a new perspective.

My partner’s family is from the United Kingdom, they had never been to British Columbia or the Rockies. They were really gobsmacked by the raw beauty and amazing vistas we encountered on our journey. Each day we traveled through a different region with it’s own unique climate and geographical features. This made for an interesting opportunity to answer some questions about the landscape and climate of the country.It really gave me a new sense of awe and wonder. Take some people around your town, region, or country and see how it will make you appreciate the place you live in and the landscape around it. When you do this, it reinforces that you are living in gratitude, the Universe responds by giving you more of what you love. How cool is that?

Another funny thing happened to me on this trip we had a couple of long days with 800 km drives that were twelve hours long ,with lots of stops and I was tired. My family was also a little cooked , we did a short trip that day. Once we got back to the rooms,no one including myself wanted to go anywhere.

With a couple of exceptions, my partner and sister-in-law, they wanted to go to an outdoor hot spring pool, 20 km away to enjoy the benefits of relaxing, getting rejuvenated and revitalized. I was being resistant and was buying into the” I am tired,” belief. Fortunately I gave in to the wisdom of these two lovely people and went along for the ride.

To my surprise, it was a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating experience. Here’s the kicker, I happened to start talking to a fellow who was enjoying the pool, he was a very personable and engaging man.

As we got past the small talk, he began to tell me about his life experiences, some of them very similar to my own. We had both done a lot of hard martial arts, bodybuilding and challenging physical jobs. As it happens we were both motorcycle enthusiasts and in our late to mid fifties. I asked if he had ever heard of the movie “Long Way Round“with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, it’s a documentary with the two friends circumnavigating the globe whilst riding big, off-road BMW touring bikes. They met a lot of challenges and wonderful people along the way.

He had heard of it, and fact he had done something very similar,riding the same motorcycle used in the film. Here’s the interesting part. He was 300 pounds when he decided to embark upon this journey, we were talking about how you can’t abuse your body with hard exercise as your aging and getting into your fifties and sixties. He told me that he lost 70 lbs in 8 months by doing yoga everyday for 4 to 6 hours. He took those eight months off of work and treated his training like a job. By doing this he was able to realize a lifelong dream ; he went all around the globe in 40 days putting over 20,000 miles on his journey, climbing every mountain and pyramid along the way. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that this would and could happen. I was blown away.This is something I would love to do. I was inspired.

Oh yeah, another little ending to this tale, he came home after the trip, went back to work at a big corporation. Within two hours of being in that environment, his chest began to tighten up, something didn’t feel quite right. His boss came in to ask about something and he quit right on the spot! What a beautiful ending to the story, much like my trip.

When I was going to leave, he said. “Have a great vacation David.” I replied to him” Have a great life Tim. I am going to!” This was a sign from the universe. Do what you love and follow your heart. I was and am inspired and fired up by this story. It told me that you can achieve anything you want to if you have the heart in mind to do so. I hope you can find your own path and do the same.

Many thanks to my partner, sister-in-law and Tim.

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This article was written by David Little

Who is David Little? David lives and plays in Vancouver, B.C. one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Oh yeah that's in Canada eh! He is a meditator, student of spiritual enlightenment, guitar player, singer and 4th Dan Ki Aikido practitioner and instructor.Oh yes, he also enjoys writing, is an intuitive life coach and part time ghost buster. He is presently working with spirit to help and heal people in the physical world and beyond.How do we live together in the spirit of cooperation? Please feel free to contact David at davidjlittleauthour@gmail.com if you want to hear more about what David does.


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