Technology – a Question of Exchange – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Before man became vertical, his arms were used for walking and swinging between trees. With verticality they turned into a vehicle for grabbing, handling and developing tools.

The larynx also became free to develop a more refined language, going with the new development naming tools and artefacts.

Both represent exchange with nature or with other humans. Both also represent the same level of the body where we find hands and arms, throat and thyroid. Which all play a part in the exchange with the environment. We use arms to hold on to someone, grab them, hug them or fight and push. Hands are used for hand-ling things. The throat is were we put the environment down into the body or express things and the thyroid is important in adjusting the speed of exchange of thoughts as well as nutrients.

As we can see there i close relation between technology and exchange. From the bipedal or “two-footed” development the free arms could handle tools. Was this the beginning of technology?

With language came words for things, then more abstract concepts and symbols, turning into writing. Also education, reasoning and logic thinking followed. And this today has reached a level of sophistication where it has manifested in computers, the internet and the creation of a virtual reality. The level of exchange is entechno-2ormous and is run by computers themselves. Servers are collecting traffic statistics and optimization of pages and information is governed by different rules.

Ask yourself about your exchange!
What and who, when and where?

How much of your time is in the inner dream creative or spiritual world. How much exchange goes inwards?
How much of your time is in the external world with work, exercise, experiencing nature?
How much of your time is on the net, in the virtual world.
(You can read my article about the difference between these three worlds HERE)

Exchange is the weaver of life, what you have exchange with weaves your fabric. Technology today has become a two edged sword, it can steal your time, your soul and spirit, but it can also be used for positive exchange.
Choose your exchange, and remember when you have to go back to the inner core and regain your center and inner peace.
The magic happens now!

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