Thank you for the Air I Breath – by Devrah Laval

Every day of our lives, we exchange energy with another person in some form or another, whether it be the waitress, the bank clerk, the gas station attendant, our partner, our kids or our colleagues. In all of these interactions we probably say the words, “Thank you” at least a dozen times a day. But have we ever taken the time to really understand the essence of the words, “Thank you?”


Who are we really thanking? Are these just empty words we’ve learned from our parents or society, to be said only when someone gives us something that we want, or is there a hidden secret locked within these very words? In our busy lives we usually stay on the surface with our interactions because our unconscious guilt doesn’t allow us the time to dive more deeply within.

Lurking just below the superficial appearances lays the true wealth and love that our hearts and soul’s are longing for. I discovered this secret doorway many years ago when I was coming out of a deep meditation. I just happened to glance at my hand and something strange happened. I couldn’t stop looking at this hand, as if seeing it for the very first time, I thought to myself, “I could never create this hand on my own…something / someone created me.” All sense of myself, as the doer of actions and thoughts, dissolved.

I was awestruck in that moment because I suddenly and mysteriously realized that my hand was the gift of love. These hands that I had up until that experience, taken for granted, revealed the truth. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I looked in amazement at how every tendon, bone and muscle moved in the most perfect way, and how every finger was designed to pluck the many notes of this life, and to allow me to give and receive the music of love that this life offered. I could not stop saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” to the source of this life.

I saw that the true secret of life is that we already are love, but it is hidden from us by the minds’ constant focus on the outer forms. Everything we need is already within us.
It struck me how blessed we all are just to be alive. This experience unlocked a door to a world of infinite love within me. I recognized that the abundance and love that we are seeking outside of our selves would never fulfill us for very long. But the love that is available to us from the Source or the Creator, cannot be surpassed by anything of this world, and is filled with infinitely more riches than we could ever imagine.
I also realized that if I could only look more deeply beyond the superficial appearances, I would invariably find this love waiting for me to turn my gaze its way. It would be available regardless of what I had been feeling or thinking, just as the sun’s ray makes no distinction on where it shines or who breathes the air surrounding us.”


I began to see others differently. I saw it was the source of all life that was in fact giving love to me through others and that same source was giving love back to others through me. I began to understand what oneness really is. And if we actually knew how perfect we already are, we could not judge or hurt others or ourselves because it is the same one power that flows through and animates each one of us. I heard a saint once say that it’s not how much we’ve manifested, it’s how much we’ve loved that makes our lives meaningful and rich. With this understanding we could stop the war that we are all fighting both inside and out.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

Imagine if you would, a world where we could feel true gratitude as we received the service from the waitress. Imagine if we could look beyond the appearance of another and see the very source of their life, even if they don’t know or see it themselves. We could look into their eyes and silently say, “Thank you” to their eternal self. So every bank clerk, partner, friend, politician, gas station attendant etc. would become yet another opportunity to say thank you to the Source of all life. Once we know the secret of true gratitude, we would realize that no one needs to be changed or “fixed,” they need only to be loved and thanked. And if we all could practice this secret, in just one moment, we could turn our world from one of conflict to one of fearless and guiltless divine love.

About author

This article was written by Devrah Laval

Devrah brings a tremendous wealth of spiritual knowledge and wisdom to all of her work. After her initial enlightenment experience, which led to a miraculous healing, she devoted her life to integrating and studying with mystics, masters and gurus. Devrah has been guiding, inspiring and teaching many through her Best Selling Books, workshops and private counseling. Devrah’s work is focused on helping individuals to return to the truth of who they really are. Devrah’s great compassion and vulnerability are mixed with tremendous inner strength and deep conviction in the truth of who she is, and this sets her apart from those using simplistic positive sayings and innumerable concepts that everyone has heard but ultimately only serves to confuse and limit rather than free up and bring clarity. When she looks at another, she looks beyond the outer story, beyond the drama and beyond the outer persona’s and sees the essence, the truth of who we all are and relates with the individual on that level. Devrah’s profound and trans-formative work is suitable for the absolute beginner, who is seeking purpose, truth or self-realization, as well as seasoned seekers and teachers of teachers. Her work is non-denominational so there is never any concern about conflict with one’s current religion or path. She assists bringing greater clarity and understanding to all seekers of truth, so that we can reach the place where outer forms no longer define us. You are invited to explore and continue your journey with Devrah Laval, as she now makes herself available to all through her writings, workshops and private sessions.


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