An Editors Blast – Thats one more down on my bucketlist – by Peter McCarthy

Once in a while I think about the idea of having a bucket list.  I don’t have one written down, but I kind of have one floating around in my mind. I think most of us do actually.


Peter and his Honda Transalp, a Rally Touring enduro bike.

This summer I had a good opportunity to go on a week long bike-riders seminar down in old Denmark, with my biker buddy Stephan Jensen (that by the way also writes for TMH). But it wasn’t before that I, a few weeks ago, received a link to some photos taken on the trip, that I realised the fact that I now actually had one more thing to take down from my bucketlist. A week on a bike with gravel roads, storytelling and lots of laughing.




Stephan and Peter chilling at the legendary Borbjerg shire Inn.

Most of us meeting up at the local Inn in Borbjerg Shire had never met before. Most of us were over fifty and most of us were men. But we all had one thing in common: The passion for motorcycles – all kinds of different motorcycles – as long as it has two wheels and a engine with a nice sound, we were good.

This week long seminar was really well planned. We all had nice rooms with showers, nice big beds, lots of good solid food, long bike rides every day in the stunning Danish west coast landscape and entertaining seminars in the evening – all about riding motorcycles all over the world of course. What more can a man wish for? (lol’s)


You will find Borbjerg shire Inn here:

It really is an amazing feeling to drive with forty something others down the road, not knowing where you are heading for the day (as only the tour leader knew) and of course, the comfort of knowing that some good food was awaiting for you at the arrival point.

Well – if you don’t have this theme on your bucket list, then I can highly recommend it. And if you don’t have a bike drivers license for your self, then there is always someone that are willing to take a passenger …


Enjoy the ride!




One of the Motorcycles – a BMW 1200GS – that went from Europe and all the way through Africa to Capetown in South Africa.


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This article was written by ~ Peter Grün McCarthy

Peter Grün McCarthy teaches Information technology, electronics and communication as a College Professor in Norway on a daily basis. He owns the record-lable and Sound studio workshop and he is also a part owner of the popular online Magazine, where he is the Tech Manager, a writer and one of the Editors. Peter has university level education in Science Engineering, Educational Psychology and Firefighting. He has also given lectures in themes like: Quantum physics, Ancient Religions, Mindfulness and other Self-development based themes.


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  1. David Little says - Posted: October 9, 2016

    Awesome article Peter.
    I can’t wait until we can take the Long Way Round Europe on motorcycles together with our families.

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