The 12 magic days after Christmas – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

In the esoteric tradition the 12 days after Christmas were regarded as holy. They run from the 25th of December (1th day) until the 6th of January or (13th day). This last day is celebrated as Christmas in some traditions and is called Three Kings´Day or Epiphany (manifestation, striking appearance) or Theophany (vision of God) and the day of the kings.
These names reflects that the son of God became apparent to the gentiles when the Kings saw him for the first time.

skjermbilde-2016-12-10-kl-14-16-13The beginning of any cycle is believed to start a process that will reverberate throughout until the cycle is finished.

If you go “out of the bed on the wrong side” it is more of a challenge to change the outcome of the day. When you have entered the train, it is difficult to head for a different destination. If an avalanche has started, it is difficult to stop etc., etc.

In the same spirit it has been a tradition to work on your spiritual growth and put the seeds of your choice for the new year through connecting with things that inspire you, people you love and the wishes for the new year and your future particularly during these days.

Each of these 12 days were believed to reflect each of the months as a seed.

I can promise you it will do you no harm to use these days and fill them with extra care, attention and inspiration. The Magic Happens Now!
Happy New Year!

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(Picture: Adoration of the Magi by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, 17th century – source wikip.)

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