The Akashic Records or My Land of Enchantment – by Nancy Ring

Enchantment — what a beautiful theme for this issue of “The Magic Happens.” “The state of being enchanted” is also a beautiful way to describe what many experience in the Akashic Records.

Whether I am in my own Records, or facilitating a session for someone else, “in the presence of a magical influence. . . delighted to a high degree” is exactly what I feel. And my experience in the Akashic Records fits these definitions from no matter what topic we are exploring.

As you might imagine, people come to the Akasha seeking healing, so our topics are not always full of laughter and puppy dog tails. Often, we are asked to explore and heal the greatest challenges people face in life.

Bright Logo with wordsAs I write, my Records are reminding me of a session with someone who had been sexually abused as a child. We humans might think this topic would be dark, but the energy and information in their Records was actually full of light. It is that Divine Light of the Records that facilitates healing and forgiveness. And just when it appeared that we might tumble down a dark hole in this session, the Records closed that door. Their reason? “Until this person reaches enough healing and holds enough light around this experience, the information down there would simply re-imprint trauma.” And, the Records assured us, once the client had fully integrated the light and healing that had been brought in thus far, the “facts” down that hole would no longer be desired.

If we can explore child sexual abuse while connected to light and love, we can explore anything and heal. What could be more enchanting than that?

So, if enchantment is possible while dancing with the dark and the shadowy, just imagine how delightful it feels to be in your Akashic Records to receive guidance about possibilities and creating something new. People often feel something even more exciting than what they’d imagined on their own.

And when they don’t feel something wonderful? What happens when what people feel in their Records about what they desire doesn’t fill them with light? Well, often that is guidance that this goal might not be a good idea after all. Or, we might be guided to clear fears or other negative energies left from the past, including past lives. Once that darkness has been transmuted by Divine light and love, their dream may again be filled with light and inspiration, the kind that can pull them forward into manifestation.

Conversely, someone may recognize that their higher self planted a “false” dream to incent their healing these previous experiences. That “false” dream might be the means to a clearing, and once that healing occurs, a new “real” dream may come in to be manifested.

Either way, the person holds more light. Either way, they have expanded, and made more progress in their spiritual growth.

And that’s what I find so enchanting about working in the Akashic Records. No matter how much challenge, anxiety, anger, disappointment, betrayal, fear or other negative energy we encounter along the way, when we follow our Akashic guidance, we always hold more light. Now, that’s magical, and delighted to a high degree. That’s the very definition of enchantment.


About author

This article was written by Nancy Ring

Nancy Ring accesses the Akashic Records to connect people to the guidance and healing energy of their souls. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA, she has been guiding and teaching others in the Akashic Records for over ten years. In addition to her Akashic work, Nancy is also an executive coach and an organizational development and training consultant for corporations and non-profits in the US, Europe and Asia.


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  1. Sandra Gelinas says - Posted: February 3, 2016

    What a great article this month – again – Nancy. Thank you for sharing some of your “enchantment” with the Akashic Records!

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