The Book of Nature is in The Heart of The Earth – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Ha Aretz
is the old biblical Hebrew word for The Earth and has some marvellous secrets to reveal to us. In Hebrew, every letter is a picture or concept and hence closer to the old Egyptian language with hieroglyphic pictures than modern English. The Hebrew language has its root in the old Egyptian language.

To convey meaning in English, you would need a combination of a few words what we call a sentence. With hieroglyphs, every letter is a picture or a set of words.

Take the word Pharaoh or Per aa as it is written with two letters or hieroglyphs, see illustration. Combines two concepts; House and great or ruler. That can be read as Pharaoh, or the ruler in the house or the great house or palace. It conveys the palace the pharaoh and the ruler of the whole country as the biggest house as well as the one that is ruler in his own house and hence a master.

In modern languages, letters are reduced to a sound and a shape. Today, they are even reduced to a touch on a screen or a click on a keyboard. Visions became paintings, paintings became writing and writing became typing.

The word Earth in Hebrew carries a deeper meaning a deeper understanding, letters were selected to make a composition of the qualities of the concept not to make sounds.

Aretz or A R Tz has three letters Aleph, Resh and Tsadde (final). Each letter has a meaning. Aleph means Ox, Resh means Head and Tsadde mean hook in its simple understanding.

But going deeper Aleph is the creative energy, the fire of creation. It is the same hot core deep inside the earth that is the roots of its origin. A fire that as it cooled down and made a crust made it possible to manifest the life forms we have now.

Resh is the concept of a cosmic container or spiritual seeds. The seeds of every element, every life form.

Tsadde is the completion of creation the returning of every spiritual seed to its original state in the bosom of the creator after its experience of its complete journey through evolution (read more about the Hebrew letters here).

The Earth, Ha Aretz is the place that the fire of god, embodies all life forms to complete their journey of return. The return to where they came from, the return to a bigger and bigger whole, a bigger and bigger holon until they connect with the biggest whole of all. Evolution is driven by the bigger holon creating harmony within itself so called holonity. Finally The All is united and the all becomes the same as nothingness.

So, deep inside the earth the seed of God is buried, is burning like a hearth of love that connects everything to its source and pulls it back through cycles of evolution and involution. Daily cycles, yearly cycles and many much bigger cycles. The heart of the earth carries the secret of the book of nature.

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